Miami y Madrid'sOn the favorite places to buy a home for Mexicans, specifically in areas where there are luxury projects, because the cultures of those regions with that of the Aztec country are similar.

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According to a study by the National Association of Real Estate Agents of AmericaIn 2019, el 4% of international transactions in South Florida were conducted by Mexicans, and one of the five nations who buy the most homes in this state of the country, announced

George Uribe, sales director of Villa Valencia, a luxury condominium located in Coral Gables (Miami), explained that this trend occurs after the purchases in that area are led by Venezuelans and Argentines.

Meanwhile, the consulting firm Knight Frank indicated that in Madrid total luxury home purchase transactions done, the 35%  they are made by citizens -mainly- of Venezuela and Mexico.

In the luxury housing purchase operations carried out by Mexicans, two profiles are detected: those who buy as an investment, without inhabiting the properties, and the entrepreneurs who wish to have a permanent residence.

 Carlos Zamora placeholder image, director of Knight Frank Prime Residential, indicates that the objective of this company is to respond with effectiveness and speed the requirements of the clients who wish to carry out investment in different countries.

In addition Knight Frank offers luxury housing of the conditions of Paris, Miami or London, but at lower and more affordable prices.

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