Millions of people are concerned about the increase in sargassum on all the beaches of the world, and even more so when scientists reported the Dreadweed Belt, 8.850 kilometers long, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, it turns out that in the Aztec country there is a solution to this problem.

By Miami Diario Newsroom

Mexico is another of the countries whose beaches arrive tons of sargassum daily, covering the most popular coasts of the characteristic stench of this algae.

more, some entrepreneurs in Merida, the beautiful capital of the state of Yucatan decided to investigate how could they use sargassum In addition to cleaning the beaches, make a commercial profit, highlighted the digital portal

In this way the company salgax decided to take a step forward in this initiative, and became one of the first Mexican companies to uses applied marine biotechnology with a commercial purpose. The idea is to develop biotech products of elements of the ocean, such as the sargasso.

El Director of Processes and Development of the company Salgax, Mauricio Gomez Hernandez, declared to Notimex that this company -for five years- has carried out pioneering work with sargassum, since it collects and converts algae into products that can be traded.

The beaches where they collect sargassum are Dzilam, Sisal, Celestún, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.

Salgax, the Yucatecan company, takes from the Mexican coasts some five tons of sargassum daily, which they use in their products, which are foliar fertilizers which are destined for the agricultural and ornamental sectors. They hope that they will soon position themselves among the buyers to extract more algae from the beaches.

The Mexican company is also conducting research to create a new product with sargassum, It's about the paper creation With this seaweed, he hopes that it will be used to write, decorate or wrap, in this way they want to avoid cutting down trees for that purpose.

Likewise, another of the lines being developed salgax is preparation of a totally organic varnish, that protects and gives brown tones to the wood.

Another of the products they are creating is tCapillary treatment and balanced feed for cattleThey hope to market it before the end of 2019.

Really the people who integrate salgax they are green entrepreneurs, as they are taking advantage of a problem that affects the planet in a proactive way to take care of the environment.

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