In order to determine if Florida is fit to open, health experts from the Tampa General Hospitalare in contact with Governor Ron DeSantis, as reported floridapolitics

By Miami Diario Newsroom

As is known, Tampa was the last stop on the Governor's media tour before receiving a report from his Florida Reopening Task Force, containing short-term recommendations on how the economy and society will enter phase one. of the three-step early reopening.

One thing to consider is that DeSantis has faced criticism from Democrats for the composition of the task force, which is heavily weighted toward business interests.

It should be noted that the president and CEO of Tampa General Hospital, John Couris, is the only health expert on the task force's executive committee.

However, during Monday's news conference, Couris did not tell Democrats what they wanted to hear. Rather, he took the reopening rhetoric one step further. "We are ready to open," Couris said. "And I'm not just talking about Tampa General Hospital, but probably every hospital in the state."

El Dr Charles Lockwood He specified that from that moment on, the state's COVID-19 response will go from mitigation to containment and closure of the epidemic. “There will be flare-ups and there will be flare-ups, but it will allow us to get back to a much more normal state,” he said.

Under a unprecedented lockdownDeSantis said reopening would have to be methodical and data-driven, possibly slower than others would like. "Looking forward, I think people should see a light at the end of the tunnel for the state of Florida," he noted. "It's not going to be something that will flip a switch. This is going to be slow and steady if you want to win the race." Some of those who might think reopening will be too slow include small business owners, who during last week's task force discussions pushed for a swift but clear reopening."

However, the governor specified that the first phase of the reopening will be only a small step. Parts of the state, like the Panhandle or Jacksonville, that have had outbreaks compared to the thousands of cases in South Florida, could open up sooner than others.

DeSantis praised the Tampa general for his data-driven approach to the pandemic and criticized other hospitals for panic among their executives. "Some people in some hospitals were saying 'I need 600 ventilators.'

The highest authority in Florida wondered: how many people are intubated right now? "Three. And I think, what is that based on? ", She said. “If you need it, that's one thing, but what's this about. The TGHs were always calm, cool, collected, never panicked, never caught fire, let's follow the facts, let's follow the science. I think they've done an excellent job."

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