Express Oil Change Franchise

Express Oil Change Franchise

Benefits of the Express Oil Change Franchise Opportunity

Express Oil Change Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)You don't need any previous automotive knowledge to be an Express Oil Change Franchisee – we will teach you how to manage a successful franchise.
  • We have a comprehensive 8 week training program to teach you (or your operator), everything you'll need to know to operate the business.
  • Our franchisees are former bankers, teachers, software engineers, and business executives; what they have in common is a strong desire to build their own successful business.
Our exceptional business model allows you to own and operate your franchise and still have time for your family.
  • Express Oil Change store hours of operation are typically 8am to 6pm MF, and 8am -5pm Saturday, closed on Sunday, yet we still lead the industry in sales and customer counts.
Our unique store staffing and compensation model make it easy for you to manage the business, allowing you to operate each of your locations with only 6 or 7 full-time employees.
  • Our stores employ only full-time workers, allowing for a better-trained and knowledgeable crew that results in a better retail experience for the customer, and higher sales for you.

Express Oil Change units have 33% higher customer car counts and 43% higher sales than the industry average. 

Express Oil Change grows its business by focusing on building cars through speed of service, and the quality and trustworthiness of the service.
  • We deliver a 10 minute oil change while the customer waits in their car.
  • We never push or oversell products to customers who don't need them.
We do not build the business by focusing on raising the average transaction by selling extra parts and services as much of the industry does.

We own, operate and grant franchises for the operation of Express Oil Change retail automotive service centers.


The Express Oil Change franchise opportunity is a center offering:

  • Oil change and lubExpress Oil Change Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)rication;
  • transmission service;
  • Air-conditioning service;
  • Brake repair;
  • Tune-ups;
  • Tire sales and alignment; and
  • Tire rotation and balance service.


Express Oil Change was founded in 1979 by Jim Lunsford in Birmingham, AL. Jim retired in 1996 and sold the brand to the then largest franchisee Ricky Brooks, who is and has been the CEO since that time.
Today, Express Oil, LLC has nearly 600 employees, with over 550 of them operating our company stores.


We currently operate 76 company-owned Centers primarily in Alabama and Memphis, TN.
We have 100 franchise-owned Centers operating in the states of:
  • Express Oil Change Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Alabama;
  • Florida;
  • Georgia;
  • louisiana;
  • Mississippi;
  • Tennessee;
  • Texas;
  • North Carolina;
  • Oklahoma; and
  • South Carolina.

A Full Service Franchisor

Express Oil Change provides significant support and services to its franchisees, including:
  • Real estate site selection;
  • Pre-construction support;
  • Store design and permitting;
  • Franchise and crew training;
  • Ongoing training;
  • operational support;
  • Fleet customer billing services; and
  • Marketing support.


Franchises receive 8 weeks of outstanding training at our training stores in Birmingham, Alabama
The store's first crew will receive 2 weeks of training in Alabama, and Express Oil Change corp. will pay for the crew's hotel rooms during training.


Express Oil Change provides marketing programs, tools and support to enable franchisees to promote their business. There is no marketing fee collected; however, franchises are required to spend 3% themselves monthly to promote the business.

Franchise Fees

The initial franchise fee is:
  • $35,000 for the first unit; and
  • $17,500 for any additional units.
The ongoing franchise fee is 5% of gross sales paid monthly.

Build Out and Start-Up Costs

The total initial start-up costs of an Express Oil Change franchise is approximately $1,500,000; which includes:
  • The cost of land purchase of about 6/10 of an acre;
  • building;
  • All equipment;
  • signage;
  • POS;
  • Initial inventory;
  • Crew training costs;
  • grand opening marketing;
  • Soft costs; and
  • $70,000 of reserve operating capital.
Depending on choice of financing, the franchisee will need approximately $300,000 liquid capital for each store they intend to build.
Franchises can sign a single store Franchise Agreement, or an Area Development Agreement to have an exclusive development territory if they want to control an area for multi-store development.

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