The Canadian firm Triple Five Worldwide will begin construction in Miami-Dade in late 2021 on largest shopping center in the country which will have an area of five million square feet and a cost of 4.500 to 5.000 million dollarsreported the newspaper Miami Herald.

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According to former state senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, Canadian firm lawyer, the center American Dream Miami will open its doors in 2025 in a place of Northwest Miami-Dade County close to the Florida Turnpike, Interstate 75 and Miami Gardens. When it opens, it is estimated that it will generate some 14 jobs.

Triple Five Worldwide runs several malls in North America, including Minnesota's Mall of America. He recently opened the American Dream Meadowlands in New Jersey.

According to Miami Herald the opening date was pushed back several times, the most recent having been announced for 2023. Although the Miami-Dade County Commission approved a required zoning change for the project in May 2018, plans for the retail theme park have not been submitted. 

That is expected to change in the next year. "Before the end of 2020, we will present a final design and go through a site management plan approval," he told the Herald Diaz de la Portilla.

In the coming months, efforts will be focused on the necessary improvements on the Turnpike and Northwest 170th St. They are also needed on Interstate 75, said Díaz de la Portilla. Access to the road must be completed before the mall can open, it is estimated that the mall generates a daily traffic of 70.000 vehicles. 

The developer expects to complete an environmental study and project design in the spring of 2020.


The Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos Gimenez, was one of the first visitors to the project of $ 4 billion .

The visit by Gimenez and other Miami-area leaders came as the development company continued to meet with county officials about public assistance for the project. It takes a tee$15 million sewer pipe for plans that include inland lakes and a ski slope. 

In the middle of a big shopping center crisis due to the boom in internet commerce –it is expected that in the next five years at least 300 of the 1.100 in the US will close–, the bet of the American Dream follow in the footsteps of the Dubai Mall on the hybridization of commercial area with theme park.

The shopping center will be distinguished by filling the 65% of its space with entertainment options, which include a ice rink, aquarium, underwater lake and facilities of roller skating. “The only thing that distinguishes us is the entertainment component,” said Díaz de la Portilla.

About half of the space would be for about 1.400 stores and the rest for a 2.000 room hotel and a permanent role Circus of the Sun or a ski slope with the height of a 16-story building for which tons of artificial snow.

Until now, the American Dream Miami has stimulated development in the surrounding area. Miami-based developer Terra will soon build 1,369 rental apartments on 70 acres.

The Ghermezians

Triple five is the company of the Ghermezians, a family of Jewish Iranian emigrants with a fortune estimated at more than two billion euros.

His vision for commercial areas dates back a century to the late patriarch Jacob Germezian, who had a huge bazaar in Samarkand (Uzbekistan) until after the Russian Revolution fled to save his heritage and resumed the task in Tehran, where he became a real estate tycoon of the time and built the largest complex of shops, apartments, offices and leisure in the capital of Iran.

In the sixties he took his family away again due to political turmoil and they went to Canada, Where did it happen in less than 20 years de import persian rugs a build in 1981 the mall of Alberta already with the crazy Ghermezian stamp: a lake with a pirate ship, a copy of the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans and caged lions and tigers.

Sources: Miami Herald, EFE, El País

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