Flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day will cost you more

If you want to give that special person a gift on February 14, Valentine's Day, you will have to shell out more money than last year due to the rise in prices of flowers and sweets.
In Miami florists, you can get simple bouquets starting at $50.

Banchet Jaigla creates unique bouquets for the people of the New York City area. Prices for roses and other flowers typically go up before Valentine's Day, but Jaigla estimates that prices are up 20% compared to last year.
She blamed the pandemic for shutting down some flower growers and causing a reduction in supply.
“A lot of the farms we use for flowers are out of business,” Jaigla said.
The flowers you can find cost more because shipping prices are skyrocketing.

"The price went up more, the freight also," said Jaigla.
At Li-Lac Chocolates in Brooklyn, co-owner Anthony Cirone said he's experiencing similar problems with the packaging.
“Valentine's Day boxes hit us with a 50% increase this year. When we asked why, we were told that it was 100% due to the price of container ships. Transportation costs,” he said.
Cirone said he was forced to raise prices on some items. A box of truffles that he sold for $48 last year is selling for $60 this year.
It's not just candy and flowers. Jewelry and eating out prices are also higher this year, though that's not slowing spending. The National Retail Federation predicts that the average American will shell out $175 for Valentine's Day. The NRF says nearly a third of Americans plan to give a "night out" this year, with 22% opting to gift jewelry to someone special.

If you're planning on giving your special someone flowers or candy for Valentine's Day, prepare to pay more this year.
– CBS4 Miami (@CBSMiami) February 7, 2022

"And we could see a total spend of nearly $24 billion, which would be the second highest in our service history," said the NRF's Katherine Cullen.
Experts suggest shopping early to get the best prices. Jaigla said to call ahead and work with a local florist. They can help you choose a bouquet at a price that will make your loved one's heart flutter.

Miami Daily
Author: Patricia Chung 7:03 am

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