every day there is more laid off in Florida due to the wuhan coronavirus because the business owners they can't hold them without customers investing in them.

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In addition to business owners being affected, employees are left without jobs and totally unassisted.

Jacob Dziorney commented to nbcmiami.com  that when he was laid off from his job he sought Reemployment Assistance using the online portal – CONNECT.

In it they informed him that it was not necessary to reset his pin, but when he tried to call the Department of Economic Opportunities could not communicate.

Dziorney said that his calls were not answered, were disconnected or simply hung up.

When consulting the FDEO production statistics  It is noted that during the last two weeks of March most of the callers had problems.

According to the report, for the week of March 21, the FDEO  had 234.272 calls, of which 48.696 were self-service, 11.478 were answered by agents, 7.998 were abandoned, and 155.825 were reported as blocked.

Hire new companies to improve telephone service

Due to that situation, the last week of March, the FDEO hired three external companies to help with the influx of phone calls and applications. These companies are Faneuil, Inc, United Data Technologies, and Telaforce, LLC.

The money that will be invested to help the unemployed will be paid to those companies to improve customer service.

Thus, Faneuil, Inc was contracted for $17 million, United Data Technologies was contracted for more than $12 million, and Telaforce, LLC could receive more than $79 million for its services.

According to one of the contracts, the objective of these companies is «Improve customer service, overall throughput, overall response rate, decrease call abandon and block rate, decrease call duration.”

The same document details that “The agents must answer up to 80% of calls addressed to the contractor or an amount mutually agreed upon by both parties depending on the volume of calls”, highlighted  nbcmiami.com.

As for Dziorney, he commented that he finally submitted a written request and awaits a response.

As for written requests, they must be sent by mail to Florida Department of Economic Opportunity in Tallahassee, once processed, a representative will contact the applicant.

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