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Many families prefer to buy new properties in Florida because of the financial incentives and benefits they offer. It is important to identify if you want to acquire a new property or one for resale (used), from the moment you decide to buy a house. For both options the process is different. For example, if you want to buy a new property, but it is pre-approved by your bank or another lender that has nothing to do with the construction company of the property you are going to buy, you will not receive the incentives offered by the community.

It means that they can allow you to use the
lender of your choice, but you are not going to receive, for example, $10,000 that
they can give you as an incentive to buy property. Instead, if you communicate
with your real estate agent, from the beginning of the process, they can help you
identify the communities you prefer, negotiate for you and guide you on
the process. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of an agent.
reliable real estate that offers you a free service. as well as that
use the construction company lender to receive the incentives

I am currently working with a construction company
that allows me to work with my own lender, one exception that leads me to
provide buyers with various aids or incentives if they qualify. under this
program that I have created, less money
if the construction company provides them with US$ 8,000 for construction expenses
closing, and they qualify for some extra help, let's say for the “down
payment”, they can benefit from both aid and buy a house with less money. must
reserve the property if they qualify, so that they secure the sale price to the
moment. So that when your property is ready the value is not affected, even
when the market price has risen.

Other benefits offered by buying a property
new is the structural guarantee, among others. When you buy a used house,
purchases without warranty, as is. Only some can be negotiated
arrangements, and it is the seller's prerogative to agree. Which entails that
buying a new property is not necessary you have to incur expenses
extra to fix it.

Another benefit of buying a new home is that if
you order the property to build, you can choose the cabinets and colors of
painting, among other things. However, there are also new properties that
are ready for you to move in in 30 days or less.

It is important to identify the value of taxes
(taxes) in the area where you are going to buy new property. In the same way you must
identify the payment HomeOwner
. That way, you can have a real idea of ​​the monthly payment that
you are going to make when you buy the property.

In today's market the value of properties in
resale equals the value of new properties, so many families
They prefer to buy a brand new house.

The author is a licensed real estate agent in the
Florida under Empire Network Realty. You can contact her by calling 321.276.1906

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