Francis Suárez among the most influential in the crypto ecosystem

Francis Suárez is of American nationality, however he is the mayor of Miami, a city well known for its Latin background in which 69% of its residents are Spanish-speakers.
Suárez has become the gateway for American politics to be encouraged to adopt Bitcoin.

Since Suárez decided that Miami should become the Bitcoin city of the United States, other mayors have stepped forward:
New York Mayor Eric Adams says he wants to follow in Suárez's footsteps with the city that never sleeps.
The mayor of Jackson (Tennessee), Scott Conger, has decided to support that his officials can be paid through BTC.
The mayor of Tampa (Florida), Jane Castor, has accepted the payment of her salary in Bitcoin.
The mayor of Cool Valley (Missouri), Jason Stewart, has claimed that he wants to attract the cryptocurrency mining industry to his city, as Suárez has already done with Florida, as well as carry out a Bitcoin airdrop among its citizens.
According to Suárez, there are still many to come.

• State legislative priority • Paying employees in Bitcoin • Investing City treasury in Bitcoin
We got it done ✅
– Major Francis Suarez (@FrancisSuarez) February 12, 2021

Miami has its own cryptocurrency, MiamiCoin, which will finance some local projects, thus wanting to become the so-called Crypto Cities. Additionally, Suárez has assured that he will distribute among his citizens income dividends contracted by the MiamiCoin.
The mayor of Miami himself has wanted to set an example with his personal capital by converting his public salary entirely into BTC as well as promoting that his 401(k) pension plan contribute in Bitcoin instead of dollars.
The next promise that he himself has marked as a "great priority" is that companies related to the city council, such as Miami officials, can also collect their salaries in Bitcoin.

Miami Daily
Author: MiamiDiario JM 1:57 pm

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