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G day! Pet Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)

Have a Passion for Pets? Love Business?

G day! Pet Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)
is for you!

Learn how you can own your share of the multibillion-dollar, recession-resistant pet industry with a scalable business that is in high demand.


Founded and operated by the same award-winning management team that launched Bark Busters USA, the world's largest, most trusted dog training company, G'day! Pet Care stands (and sits) alone as the only nationwide pet-care provider to offer specialized services in all three key service categories: Pet Care, Pet Food with FREE home delivery, and Home care.

Why Choose G'day Pet Care?

Americans now spend more than $45 billion on pets,
with annual spending projected to hit $52 billion in 2011

This demand creates a unique recession-resistant industry that will continue to grow each year:

  • Approximately 71.1 million US households have pets (63% own multiple pets);
  • 92% of pet owners consider their pets as part of the family;
  • Pet owning households are increasing by 2-3 million per year.

The pet services market is a high-growth sector. Pet owners have demonstrated their willingness to pay for high-quality, reliable services to meet their pet's needs when they are not available or simply to give them more time to spend in enjoying their pets.

                                 G day! Pet Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)

G day! Pet Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Ace a G'day! Pet Care owner, you will need to know how to effectively grow and manage your business. Our comprehensive three week training program includes 5 days at our Denver area headquarters and follow-up support is tailored to teach you all of these skills and more.

Prior experience is not required as the initial training and ongoing support will provide you with all the tools and training you will need.

The G'day! Advantage

Our commitment is multi-faceted and goes way beyond the hollow claims of so many other companies. It begins with the careful screening, training, bonding and insuring of every Pet Care Pro of your locally owned and operated G'day! business. Then, to maintain a top-notch level of service, we regularly evaluate the performance of our people through a special program that focuses on quality control and recognition of excellence. Pets and owners alike agree that it's a great system.

    • It is in a large, growing market with products and services that are in high demand;
    • Is an affordable business that's scalable and offers recurring revenue streams and strong revenue growth potential;
    • G day! Pet Care owners receive well-researched, exclusive territories along with comprehensive training and on-going business and marketing support from a team with a 20-year heritage in the companion pet industry.
  • Products and Services

  • G day! Pet Care stands (and sits) alone as the only nationwide pet-care provider to offer specialized services in all three key service categories: Pet Care, Pet Foods with FREE Home Delivery and Home Care. Services can include: • Our premium dog and cat foods with FREE home delivery
    • Pet sitting
    • Dog walking
    • In-homecare
    • Private boarding
    • Pet transportation or supply pick-up
    • Pet waste cleaning
  • Clients can select our most popular and convenient service packages or we can assist you in customizing a package of G'day! services to satisfy your clients' specific needs.

    We are Looking for Entrepreneurs Who:

    • Want a scalable, home-based business with strong growth potential;
    • Are looking for a stable revenue stream from a recurring customer business model;
    • Have good people management and communication skills;
    • Are able to implement our successful local marketing strategies;
    • Take pride in serving the needs of pet owners in their communities.

G day! Pet Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)

G'day Training and Support

Comprehensive Training

While Bark Busters' stellar dog behavioral training is customized for each dog, Bark Busters has taught G'day! Pet Care the importance of standardizing all staff training. Every G'day! Pet Care Pro is trained extensively in five specific areas:

  • Safety and security training of both home and grounds;
  • Physiology and psychology of dogs and cats, based on the latest curriculum from the ASPCA;
  • General handling instruction for all types of animals;
  • Red Cross Pet First Aid Certification for every G'day! Pet Care Pro;
  • Exclusive G'day! “100% Commitment” that instills dedication to our values ​​(reflected in our Code of Honor), processes and procedures to ensure complete customer—and pet—satisfaction.

Outgoing Marketing Support

Our Internet-based business management system streamlines your operations, allowing you to easily manage your growing business and take it to its full potential.

Through developing a worldwide, award-winning dog training franchise, we also developed effective marketing strategies and materials, and we carry that expertise into our G'day! marketing program for Franchise Owners. Our team of marketing experts on staff, as well as our in-house graphic designer and PR specialists, are all available to assist you in executing top business-building strategies.

national support

Comprehensive training, including:
  • 3-week initial resume with one week spent at our home office;
  • continuing education;
  • Ongoing business and marketing support,
  • National web presence with ongoing optimization strategies and localized pages.

Marketing and advertising

Corporate creative services and marketing collateral materials management;

  • eCampaigns and associated templates for additional local marketing efforts;
  • Corporate public relations focused on company milestones and system achievements as well as:
    • Partnerships that build the brand, drive awareness and cultivate leads;
    • Local guerrilla tactics and tools-turnkey, low-cost local business-building programs.

Exclusive Territories

A professional, independent territory mapping company designs our territories to geo-target our markets.

Every G'day Pet Care territory is exclusive to the franchise owner.

financial requirements

Initial franchise fee: $12,500
Additional territories: $12,000
Operating capital: $11,350 minimum
Minimum total initial investment: $23,850
Net worth qualifier: 55k-65k depending on liquidity and household expenseVetFran benefit: $2,000 off initial franchise fee
G day! Pet Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)

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