Golden Heart Senior Care Franchise

The Fastest Growing Segment in the Healthcare Industry!

Golden Heart Senior Care provides the public with non-medical in-home personal care and assisted living/residential care placement services using our own distinctive system. We offer two revenue streams from one referral source; Assisted Living Community Placement and In-home Care.


The Golden Heart Senior Care system provides a comprehensive proprietary custom software package that is the best in the industry that allows franchisees to run their business from any place in the country with an internet connection. We have proprietary comprehensive marketing and lead generation systems to build their businesses quickly. With our fast start income generation program, no one in the industry can generate income faster.


Why Choose Golden Heart Senior Care?

Golden Heart Senior Care Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)At Golden Heart Senior Care we understand that there is nothing more important than for a senior to receive the highest quality care to live a full independent life in the comfort of their home or at an assisted living facility.

We provide in-home non-medical senior care as well as assisted living placement services for those times when you or your loved one can no longer safely stay at home.

We offer companion care, home help services and personal care right in the comfort of your home. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation in-home consultation.


Recent reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate a continuing need for in-home senior care services and a growing demand for companies that provide those services for the next 35 years.

Baby boomers turn 65 starting in 2010. There is no better time to enter the senior care services market than now.

In the next 30 years the number of people 65 or older is expected to double. The number of people over 85 years of age will triple. (The National Council on Aging).

According to US Census Bureau projections, a substantial increase in the number of older people will occur during the 2010 to 2030 period. The older population in 2030 is projected to be twice as large as in 2000, growing from 35 million to 72 million and representing nearly 20 percent of the total US population at the latter date. (US Census Data)

By 2030, 70 million Americans will be over the age of 65. This is one out of every five Americans.

Elders represent the fastest-growing age group in the United States. It is projected that the 75+ population will increase 70% by 2025.

Golden Heart Senior Care Advantage

One of the key benefits of a Golden Heart Senior Care franchise is access and use of our Virtual Office Software solution. With our software, you can work from anywhere using a laptop computer with an internet connection. Our system is a key tool in operating your business efficiently with ease of use and the capability to handle all the necessary functions including:

  • Client management
  • Caregiver Management
  • Caregiver Training Tracking
  • office scheduling
  • Referral Source Management
  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Easy Report Generation
  • And so much more ...

Key Features of our Software

  • Smart client design provides speed and a rich user interface
  • Consistent Microsoft look and feel makes learning easy
  • Scheduling component with drag-and-drop capability and recurrence patterns
  • Built-in help and user documentation
  • Login securely on any PC with an Internet connection
  • Temporarily work offline when Internet or network connection fails
  • Control user access with customizable role-based security
  • Mapping options including MapPoint, MapQuest and Google Maps
  • Caregiver credential expirations management
  • Embedded document imaging for easy retrieval of scanned images
  • Flexible bill and pay rate lookup process with overrides or fixed rate charts
  • Extensive multiple payer billing capabilities (ex: Split, Copay, and Daily Benefit)
  • Full remittance posting and accounts receivable management
  • HIPAA compliant security and billing formats
  • Database synchronization allows for a local copy of your database for continued operations when the Internet is unavailable


Golden Heart Senior Care Services

We provide high quality, compassionate home senior care services delivered right to your loved one's home. We can provide care for just a few hours a day or long-term care 24 hours a day. Our highly trained skilled caregivers can provide the care your loved one needs in the comfort and convenience of their home. We understand that making the decision to use outside help to care for a loved one is difficult. Therefore we provide you with a wealth of senior care resources for your review so you can make the best decision for the care of your loved one.


We offer a wide variety of services that are tailored to meet your needs:

Care Services: We are committed to providing the highest quality of companion care and personal care for your loved one enabling them to stay home longer and give you the peace of mind and rest you need. You can trust Golden Heart Senior Care to provide you or your loved one with the highest quality services in the senior care industry!

Alzheimer's Dementia Care: Our caregivers receive formal training by local chapters of the Alzheimer's Association or the Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR) in how to provide in-home care for AD patients. Our level of care includes:

  • Assisting the patient with eating habits and meal planning that is healthy;
  • Assist patients with dressing and personal grooming;
  • aid in communication;
  • Implement home safety measures to prevent driving and wandering.

Breathe Care:Our caregivers receive formal training by local chapters of the Alzheimer's Association or the Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR) in how to provide in-home care for AD patients. Our level of care includes:

  • Assisting the patient with eating habits and meal planning that is healthy;
  • Assist patients with dressing and personal grooming;
  • aid in communication;
  • Implement home safety measures to prevent driving and wandering.

Assisted Living Placement for Businesses in FloridaAssisted Living Placement: At some point your loved one will no longer be able to stay at home safely. You will need to consider the right options for a care facility that can meet the needs of your loved one. At Golden Heart Senior Care, we don't just send you some facilities to review. We take the time to Assess your needs.

Technology in the Home: Having a skilled caregiver in your home can be a tremendous benefit to your overall quality of living while you remain in your home. Your care can be enhanced with home monitoring technologies that can provide peace of mind for those times when you are not being cared for.



Franchise Training Program

Our training program is designed to make the most efficient use of your time and shorten the time to have you open for business. Training starts at home with our Fast-Start Pre-Training Modules that will walk you step-by-step through the business develop process including setting up your business entity, establishing bank accounts, purchasing insurance, hiring caregivers and completing software training. Then you will come visit our corporate offices for operations and marketing training. Here is an overview of our comprehensive training system:

Our Training System

  • Pre-Training Modules
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Assisted Living Placement
  • In Home Care
  • Forms and Documents
  • Technology Training
  • Marketing Materials
  • Employee Training Manuals
  • Employee Training Video Series
Our materials are available online in our Franchisee Portal for quick access to the most up-to-date information without having to handle cumbersome books.

Training at Our Corporate Offices

Our corporate training program consists of two intense days of training covering operations and marketing including the following:
  • Assisted Living Placement
  • In-Home Non-Medical Care
  • How to find and interview caregivers
  • Marketing and promoting your business
  • Enrolling and caring for customers
  • Software Introduction
  • Review Pre-Training Modules
  • And much more ...
When you return home from training, you are ready to operate your Golden Heart Senior Care Business.

Business Concept Features

  • Senior care is the fastest growing segment in the healthcare industry;
  • Two revenue streams from one referral source;
  • Proprietary marketing systems that are unmatched in the industry;
  • Immediate lead generation websites with top search positions;
  • Fast start income generation program;
  • Low-cost startup for franchisees;
  • Virtual office – can work from home if desired.


Franchisee Testimonials


Golden Heart Senior Care Franchise"I first looked at a Golden Heart Senior Care Franchise opportunity to explore the over 65 growing demographic in my area. After looking at four other Elder care franchises and one private company I found that Golden Heart Senior Care had all the positive attributes of all the others and no negatives for me to deal with in starting out. Secondly I appreciated there financial acumen and marketing experience and sense they bring to the table. They provided key support to me in getting started and Managing my operation. Everything I needed.

After looking at Golden Heart Senior Care's operation at the franchise level I wanted to expand my operation. I found the opportunity to buy a Master Franchise in my State was a positive move and would complement my overall business plan. Golden Heart Senior Care has a Proven Model that I believe in; key contacts in the brokerage market with first hand franchise knowledge and experience to draw from to help you succeed."

Master Franchisee, Eastern North Carolina

"At first I was pretty skeptical about going into any franchise business. I thought it involved a lot of capital and liquid cash up front, until I visited Golden Heart Senior Care's head office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now after the two visits (site visit and training), I am a believer of franchising, especially what Golden Heart Senior Care has to offer. The two-day training was pretty intense and very informative. They went well and above our expectations and by the end of the second day all of my concerns were resolved and skepticism was no longer an issue.

Golden Heart Senior Care is one of the best franchises in the homecare business in the United States and I encourage anyone thinking about homecare businesses to simply get on the phone and call the head office in Nevada. Most CEOs are known to be in the background and rarely seen. Olvian, the CEO, had lunch with us on both days and talked quite passionately about his plans for the business. That was quite impressive and made me think highly of the company. "

Olufunke Ogunmosin, Houston Area Representative Partner


"The team from Houston, Texas was at the Las Vegas, Nevada office for the two-day training conducted by Golden Heart Senior Care and here is a collection of my experience.

It was a time of enrichment and intense learning of the trade. They provided us with relevant guidance on how to run the homecare business, both as a unit Franchisee and as an Area Representative. Covered topics ranged from insurance to hiring to state licensure, as well as low cost start up options. They spent a significant amount of time on strategies for attracting leads and converting leads into clients.

We were also given an overview of the competition and the opportunities within the Senior Care business.

I certainly recommend the two-day training to all prospective Franchises of Golden Heart Senior Care. "

-Eva Inikori, Pharm.D. Houston Area Representative Partner

financial requirements

Master Franchise Investment

Area Representative Fee: 50¢ per person age 65 years or older
Minimum Territory Size: $125,000 or 250,000 people age 65 or older
Unit/Population Ratio: 1 unit per 25,000 people age 65 or older

Single Unit Investment

Franchise Fee: $39,500
Total Investment: $41,900 to $63,200
Royalty: 6%
Advertising Fee: 0%

The Master Franchise will receive 50% of the franchise fee income and 50% of the royalty income (based on gross sales) for every unit that opens within the territory.

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