Golf Etc Franchise

Golf Etc Franchise

Golf Etc Franchise OpportunitiesFounded in 1992, with 36 current stores. Golf Etc. of America, Inc. is the fastest-growing golf retail franchise in America, with more new store openings during 2006, 2007 and 2008 than any other golf retail franchise. Golf Etc. provides golf enthusiasts with personalized service, performance club fittings, professional repairs and club evaluations. Each store also offers select pro-line equipment, bags, footwear, balls, gloves, golf-related giftware, men's and women's apparel, accessories, junior clubs, pre-owned golf clubs and other golf-related products.

Why Choose Golf Etc?

Golf Etc.® is the most unique turnkey concept in the golf business today. We offer winning qualities like Best Designed Golf Shop Award, Comprehensive Franchise Training, Indoor Hitting/Driving Area, Computerized Swing Analysis, Practice Putting Green and a very popular Custom Golf Club Program.
Golf Etc.® is a retail franchise that markets a wide range of professional golf products, bags, new and used golf balls, pro-line and custom-made clubs and limitless golf related accessories. Our qualified staff offers individual attention to each customer when meeting their specific golf needs or questions. Your on-premise shop is fully equipped for repair and maintenance of golf clubs. You can provide your customers with the option to have their clubs custom-built within your store.

Golf Etc Franchise Opportunity

Golf Etc Franchise OpportunitiesGolf Etc. of America, Inc. is currently the fastest-growing golf retail franchise in America. Founded in 1992, Golf Etc. provides a rewarding opportunity for golf lovers to own and operate a distinctive golf shop.

Our retail franchise program offers the following to franchise owners:
  • Market Analysis and Site Selection Support;
  • competitive analysis;
  • Comprehensive Business Plan (consisting of 5 years of financial projections);
  • Assistance in Loan Process;
  • comprehensive training;
  • POS and Inventory Management System;
  • Comprehensive Setup of Retail Store, Service Center & Performance Fitting Center.


Golf Etc. Services Golf Etc.® offers golf enthusiasts a welcome alternative to “big box” sporting goods stores. With a personal approach and the latest technology, we provide performance club fittings, professional repair centers and club and swing evaluations. Golf Etc. stores also offer pro-line equipment, bags, balls, footwear, apparel, gift items, accessories and more. Whether you're looking for that perfect club or a golf shop of your own, we fit your game.

The Reason for the Unprecedented Growth is Simple

Golf Etc Franchise OpportunitiesOur strategy is working. Golf Etc. business owners are creating value in their local and regional markets. They are capitalizing on the growth in technology, with an emphasis on personal service and consultation. Their revenue is divided, strategically, between three separate profit centers – retail products, fitting center and repair center – which complement each other and, when combined, create better margins and greater success. Golf Etc.® Support and Training
All of our franchisees receive comprehensive training, ongoing support and the use of the Golf Etc. You can own a Golf Etc.® franchise in the area of ​​your choice. We can assist you in writing your business plan and locating your site location. Everything you need when beginning your business, from the staff-training program to setting up an initial inventory and even recommending viable advertisements is included in our services. We also include in our package all store fixtures, counters, shelves, equipment and signage built and installed in your store along with the initial merchandise inventory.

financial requirements

The Golf Etc. model is $179,500 (3,000-4,500 square feet). This includes a core inventory of $25K, a $15K franchise fee, and the build-out of your interior after you receive your leased “white box” (painted, lighted, carpeted and heated/air conditioned leased retail space), a loft & lie machine, a full service repair center, a full service club-fitting bay with a state-of –the art launch monitor and simulator. The average total project cost for Golf Etc. stores range from $300,000 and $400,000.


This includes the initial $179,500 Golf Etc. package, described above, plus working capital and additional inventory for your store.

The Golf Etc. Tech Studio model is $139,500 (1,500-2,200 square feet). The average total project cost ranges between $205,000 – $225,000. Our Tech Studio model focuses on fittings, service and repairs, with smaller inventory levels and square footage.

Golf Etc.® has a program to establish golf retail franchises throughout the country. Each store is given an exclusive territory. Golf Etc.® is your opportunity to have your own business and achieve the benefits that come from investing in yourself and the exciting golf industry.

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