Liquid Capital Franchise

Liquid Capital Franchise

Liquid Capital is an international network of franchise owners or “Principals” who help small and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed through “factoring” – a specialized financial service that provides immediate funding to new and expanding businesses secured by credit-worthy account receivables. Sometimes referred to as Accounts Receivable Funding, Liquid Capital Principals:

  • Purchase credit-approved invoices from clients; and
    Advance immediate cash – 75%-80% of the invoice.
We are part of an established and respected organization where Principals operate under the highest standards of business ethics and practice. At Liquid Capital, clients are assured of efficient professional and personal service.

Why Liquid Capital?

Liquid Capital Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Liquid Capital is the only full-service factoring company in the franchise industry. Factoring has been practiced for thousands of years. It is used on every continent of the globe and worldwide volumes exceed $2 trillion annually. In North America alone, its usage accounted for over $150 billion, according to Factors Chain International.


Established in 2000 with 65 Units, Liquid Capital believes that smaller is better and strives to be the responsive alternative to traditional lending for businesses with a short-term need for working capital. We rely on a network of lending specialists to work with us on different projects on an as needed basis.

Target Customer

Obtaining funding from banks and other traditional resources means a long and arduous process. Liquid Capital targets those clients that often require additional working capital when money is tied up in receivable accounts.

Clients include:

  • Small, growth-oriented businesses; and
  • Established mid-sized companies.
Factoring allows businesses to launch new product lines, support market expansion or simply weather seasonal ups and downs.

Services Provided

Aside from factoring, Liquid Capital also offers an extensive package of accounts receivable management services that include:
  • Processing and accounting of receivable accounts;
  • credit checks;
  • collections; and
  • Receivable administration.
This allows clients to focus on the business of doing business, while Liquid Capital focuses on the financing.

Liquid Capital's Comprehensive Training Program

Liquid Capital Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Liquid Capital provides one week of comprehensive training at its corporate headquarters in Toronto.
This covers:
  • All aspects of factoring;
  • Accounts receivable management;
  • security issues; and
  • Credit-related matters.

Marketing and Sales Training

16 hours are included in the one-week training at Liquid Capital's corporate headquarters.

The Liquid Capital Factoring Advisory Team

This group of highly-experienced factoring specialists also lead mentors on an ongoing basis.
In addition, a strong corporate infrastructure and back-office administrative support system streamlines operations for principals while providing them with a myriad of resources.

Liquid Capital Corporate Support Infrastructure

Liquid Capital is positioned to support Principals in all of their business endeavors. Our corporate growth is contingent on the growth of our Franchises. As a result, we have one of the most expansive, all-encompassing training and skills development programs in the industry.
The big difference is that our programs are more than just the initial training:
We provide support throughout your entire Liquid Capital career.
In addition, a strong corporate infrastructure and back-office administrative support system streamlines operations for principals.
At the same time, they provide them with a myriad of resources including:
  • Customized marketing materials;
  • Regular web-based seminars;
  • A contact management system;
  • Franchise intranet.
As a Liquid Capital Franchise Principal, you work for yourself, but not by yourself! You buy into an established business model, and you benefit from Liquid Capital's years of experience in financing and business management.

Work as a Home-Based Operation

Investing in a Liquid Capital franchise means there is no need for retail or commercial space, as Principals can choose to work from a home-based business or a small office.
There is:
  • NONE of the traditional staffing headaches;
  • NO inventory required; and
  • NO need for special equipment.
You choose the pattern of business growth and rhythm that suits your individual aspirations. Every Liquid Capital Principal will experience the rewarding balance between long-term security, business independence and personal freedom thanks to:
  • A proven system;
  • Excellent in-depth training;
  • High return on capital; and
  • Ongoing support.

Franchise Qualifications

Franchise fee: $50,000
In addition, the franchisee must have available capital of $150,000 to fund clients.
Liquid Capital will provide financing up to six times franchisee's committed capital.


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