Money Management Solutions

Money Management Solutions


Company Overview 

Founded in 2004, Money Management Solutions is an Internet Software Service Provider. We have developed a proprietary voice-to-text-based system that captures all expenditures in real time by using a cell phone or iPhone application. We are offering a unique business opportunity. We are NOT a franchise. 

Unique Market Timing 

One of the biggest problems plaguing American families today is debt. Much of what you read, see or hear today is about how America is drowning in debt. It has been reported that over 80% of Americans retiring today have a total net worth of less than $60,000 – including their home! The average American reaching age 50 has less than $2,600 in savings!
Money Management Solutions has developed the most sophisticated financial management system in the market to reverse this alarming trend; a system that will create the necessary paradigm shift in personal spending. 
This business opportunity is capable of being one of the most profitable, recession-resistant business opportunities available in the market today. Money Management Solutions is licensing their business model, and looking for highly-qualified individuals or organizations to advance this revolutionary technology and fill a clearly-defined void in the marketplace.

Benefits of Owning a License

  • economic in cost;
  • Excellent Return on Investment (ROI);
  • Unlimited Potential in a Vast Market;
  • Few Competitors;
  • Multiple and Recurring Revenue Streams;
  • Advanced Training Program;
  • Great Tax Advantages;
  • Fulfills Professional and Financial Goals.



Multiple and Recurring Income Streams

Money Management Solutions License OpportunitiesThere are four products through Money Management Solutions you will be able to consistently create income:

  • The Money Management Spending Tracker® and Wealth Building System;
  • E-MAX – email on the fly;
  • My Credit Helper; 
  • CRM/CIM, MIA (“My Information Assistant”) – see, under “Products and Services.”


Products will be sold to individuals and businesses as well as through various vertical markets. They consist of but are not limited to:
  • CPA's and Individual Tax Preparers;
  • banks;
  • credit unions;
  • Insurance Agents and Insurance Companies;
  • Small Business Owners;
  • Payroll Companies;
  • Non-Profit Organizations;
  • Unions;
  • Alumni Associations;
  • Church Groups;
  • Real Estate Agents & Brokers.

Training and Support

Our training and support program is one of the best in the country and includes the following:

Money Management Solutions License Opportunities (Click Here)product training

  • Money Management Solutions
  • E-MAX
  • My Credit Helper

Market Training

  • CPA's/Accountants
  • Banks/Credit Unions
  • Insurance Companies/Insurance Agents
  • College Alumni's
  • Church Groups
  • Companies
  • Payroll Companies
  • Unions
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Business Development Training

  • Accountability – Libby Gill
  • Attitude – Hyrum Smith
  • Goal Setting – Bill Bartmann/Don Hutson
  • Time Management – ​​Brian Tracy/Trapper Woods
  • Business Planning – Don Hutson
  • Values ​​– Don Hutson
  • Vision – Lee Brower
  • Productivity – Mark Sanborn/Libby Gill
  • Teamwork – Mark Sanborn
  • Referrals – Peter Thompson
  • Wealth Building – Brian Tracy
  • Presentation Skills – Mark Sanborn
  • Closing the Sale – Brian Tracy

License Owner Requirements

A successful licensee must have a net worth greater than $50,000. The licensee must possess the requisite business acumen to promote these products and services to individuals, businesses and through professional organizations such as:
  • CPAs,
  • financial planners,
  • banks,
  • credit unions,
  • Nonprofit Organizations.
They must possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit, be a self-starter and have a meaningful appreciation for the challenges of building a business.
License: $24,995
Additional Capital Requirements: $5,000 to $7,000
There are no territorial restrictions on the market(s) that can be developed.
We believe this is one of the best business opportunities of the decade for those individuals who are motivated to own their own business, and create financial security long into their retirement years.

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