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Tax Care Franchise

Why Tax Care Franchise?

For every business that needs accounting, payroll, marketing and training—isn't that all of them?—Tax Care can be the answer! Even in a changing or insecure economy, Tax Care's core services are recession-resistant. After all, everyone has to file their taxes—no matter what the economy brings.

tax care

Recession-Resistant Model

Multiple revenue streams also provide you with flexibility and powerful potential. Tax Care is not just about fast, accurate tax preparation services. You will be part of a team of professionals that provide solutions for a wide range of financial and tax needs to small businesses—a vital part of the economy.

A Piece of the $125 Billion Industry

So what happens after tax season? Tax Care's broad range of professional services means you can provide services year-round so you're more than a seasonal business. By providing accounting services, you are dipping into an industry that is now reaching $125 billion in annual revenues. As a Tax Care franchise owner, you'll have the chance to grab your own piece of not just one, but two, skyrocketing industries—tax preparation and accounting services—where growth opportunities abound. On top of that, you will be serving small business. It's a hot market, and an important one. 28 million small businesses in the US is an immense potential client base, and you can bet that most of them are focused on growth. A Tax Care franchise means you can be there to provide the big-business accounting they need at the small-town prices they want.

A Comprehensive Solution that Sets You Up for Growth

You don't need to be a tax or accounting expert to get started. Everything is laid out for you from set-up and on. You can count on intensive training at both our corporate headquarters and your franchise location to guide you. Learn how to reach out to small- to medium-sized businesses in your community. From incorporation to setting up your firm to day-to-day operations and marketing, you will never be without instructions or help.

Complete Step-By-Step Operations Manuals

Ever been on a workout regimen or a diet? You typically get the best results when you follow the steps laid out by the professionals. The same principle applies here. We have developed the most efficient methods for attaining your goals, using techniques that have been honed over our combined decades of experience in the business. In plain language, we have laid out for you techniques that have seen results time and time again!

State-of-the-Art Integrated Software

Tax Care offers a comprehensive and powerful suite of software that makes managing your files and your clients efficient and secure.

  • Run a virtual office from the palm of your hand with a complete practice management suite.
  • Offer around-the-clock access to your clients.

In addition to having these technological tools at your disposal, rest assured that you have the back-up of a software support team, who will provide you with software support and advice—at no extra cost to you!For more information on this amazing software, please visit Mobile Solutions.

The Most Comprehensive Home Office Support

From training you and your staff to providing ongoing support, we're here for you every step of the way. We can even guide you as you find a location to move in to. You'll receive superior support from an entire team of professionals, including experts in tax, finance, insurance and other relevant areas. Our tools are available to you around the clock, and we are committed to your continual growth—and we're pretty friendly about it, too. We ourselves are rabid fans of the Tax Care brand because of the energy, commitment, business sense, and professionalism that makes Tax Care tick. Get as excited about opportunity as we are!

We'll help provide some of the essential tools you'll need to operate your Tax Care franchise:

  • Hiring and managing
  • Guidance with site selection
  • Initial office setup
  •  Equipment needs
  • Comprehensive marketing programs
  • … And more!

Powerful Marketing From Day One

Guerilla marketing and neighborhood marketing haven't gone out the window. They've just gone digital! This is the age of Google and social media, where the Internet has made ROI increase beyond last decade's wildest dreams. Tax Care lets you take full advantage of the power of Internet marketing. There is no substitute for the power of Internet search, localization, and social media to target and engage your customers. We can show you how with branding and marketing materials and an easy methodology for maintaining an online presence.

Our marketing efforts are designed to generate results through a myriad of techniques:

  • Engage local business owners and make them feel that you are the one-stop solution to their accounting, tax, and bookkeeping needs
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Retain customers, including repeaters that stay with you for decades
  • Step-by-step education for your appointment setters on tried-and-true lead generation techniques
  • Networking with local commerce associations and business leaders

We'll even give you a big push out of the starting gate: we'll populate your initial database with potential client contacts in your territory. And, as always, people are the key. The most sure-fire way toward results is meeting people face-to-face. This grassroots style of marketing is something we encourage—and explain—in our training process.

We'd like you to have a little fun with it, too. Because you're either being worked hard or you're working hard, and a smile on your face is the difference!

“Tax Care, your small business experts, offers Big Business accounting at small-town prices.”

Let's grow your business together!

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