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WASHINGTON. – As part of the $900.000 billion aid package approved by Congress and signed by former President Trump in late December, the federal government authorized the third round of loans to small and medium-sized businesses through various plans such as the Payment Protection (PPP).

These types of forgivable credits channeled by the federal Small Business Administration (SBA) have helped tens of thousands of companies in the United States to withstand the economic recession caused by the pandemic since mid-March 2020 and which is still continuing.

The new aid will have the same objective because in addition to the PPP, the Emergency Disaster Injury Loan (EIDL) is now offered, which provides additional grant funds of up to $10.000, to small businesses affected by the pandemic. in low-income areas.

Federal funds available for the new programs total $284.000 billion nationwide.

To apply for the subsidy, the beneficiaries will be contacted via email by the federal agency in order to confirm if they are eligible and give them detailed information on how and when to submit the documentation. External source

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