Less unemployment=Less aid

The Republican Party has sought to reduce aid under the SNAP program for poor families for a long time. In 2018, that republicans in Congress tried to restrict access to food stamps, but his proposals were vetoed by the Senate.

En 2019 number beneficiaries reached 36 million. "The rate of unemployment is 3.6%, the lowest in 50 years,” said the Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue. "There are more jobs open for people to apply."

In the year 2000, unemployment was 4%. By then, food stamp recipients reached 17 million people. "With this we seek to reinstate the original intent of food stamps ... leading able-bodied Americans to self-sufficiency," Sonny added.

Although Congress rejected cuts to the food stamp plan in 2018, the change announced Wednesday is only the first that the Trump administration plans to do to the program.

If the three projected measures are implemented, more than three million people could lose the benefit.

Tough criticisms

The measure announced on Wednesday has already sparked harsh criticism of the US government. Lisa Davis, organization vice president Share Our Strength, which promotes programs to end hunger in childhood, criticized the fact that despite the opposition of Congress, efforts to exclude beneficiaries continue.

“It is deeply disappointing that despite overwhelming opposition to the proposal, the White House has imposed the rule that tightens the requirements for millions of SNAP participants, which will cause hundreds of thousands to lose their benefits”Said.

Source: Cuban Newspaper

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