Up to a thousand dollars will help tenants in Miami

In Miami, some tenants residing in the city will be able to receive financial assistance since they cannot afford the rental prices that rise every day, NBC reported. 
$31 will be awarded over six months to people who meet certain requirements, including a median income of $XNUMX or less, as voted by the city commission. 

“We want to be able to help the quintessential Miami family get assistance,” Mayor Francis Suarez announced.
A report published by Realtor.com announced that the national average rent increased almost 20% in the month of January compared to a year ago. 
Miami has been the city that presented the highest increase in the entire country, where the rent increased by almost 53% compared to last year. 
Currently the city of Miami is the fifth most expensive place to rent in the United States, after San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. 
“What we are seeing across the board in all of our different cities is that we are seeing these increases, but we wanted to create a program for people who have already been here who are seeing these massive increases,” Suarez reported. 
Said rental assistance program for all has a budget of $5 million in Miami and offers up to $1 thousand per month for up to six months for those who meet the following criteria:
Have experienced a rent increase of 20% or more.
They have lived in Miami for three years and the median income is below $31. 
Priority will be given to the elderly and families with children. 
Although the aid is temporary, the mayor's office announced that more permanent solutions are in the works, including 11 affordable housing projects already funded and 47,000 more units in the pipeline.

Miami Daily
Author: Natasha Palís 5:54 am

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