Iconic restaurant will open a branch on the Miami waterfront

Miami's waterfront plans to become the epicenter of gastronomy in the city. That is the idea of ​​the owners of an iconic restaurant who informed the journalist Rebeca San Juan, from the Nuevo Herald, of the details of their idea.
The owners of Rusty Pelican located in Key Biscayne plan to open the new establishment but with a totally different concept.

Lionel Ohayon, CEO of the Rusty Pelica restaurant, said they are looking for a place with enough space that will allow for different themed areas.
Restaurant has been popular since the 70s
The Rusty Pelican has been recognized since it opened in 1970 for its Mediterranean cuisine and seafood dishes.
In 2018, it underwent a comprehensive $7 million renovation, making the venue one of the most avant-garde in Key Biscayne.

Rusty Pelican's group will build a new restaurant on the Miami River | The New Herald https://t.co/6MwJFgmhpX
– Alex Mena (@alexmenamiami) February 12, 2022

“When you imagine this restaurant on the river and people getting on their boats, it's a rich tapestry of opportunity,” said Lionel Ohayon.
Local will integrate emporium located near the Miami River
The Rusty Pelican restaurant will be one of 25 restaurants located along the boulevard, said Horacio Stuart Aguirre, president of the Miami River Commission, a nonprofit organization.
The opening of this restaurant will open up more job opportunities in this very busy area.
“ It will be an exciting restaurant for the Miami River District”, expressed Aguirre
In addition, it will be another special destination that will attract more visitors, in the sector that it hopes will be a key point in the city.
The experts indicated that more housing options are being prepared, years after the pioneers and developers of the Miami River, Camilo Miguel Jr. and Lissette Calderón, began to carry out different ideas that have materialized over time.

Miami Daily
Author: Daniel Parra 9:53 am

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