IRS will serve taxpayers with bots in tax season

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported that it has begun using voice and chat bots on two of its specialized toll-free telephone assistance lines, allowing taxpayers with simple questions about payments or collection notices to get what they need quickly and avoid waiting.
On the other hand, the federal agency added that taxpayers can still contact a telephone representative if necessary, reported La Opinion.

“Our phone lines continue to experience unprecedented demand as the IRS continues to look for ways to help people and avoid long wait times,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.
Rettig added that phone representatives will continue to serve taxpayers, but the bots can help some people avoid phone delays for something that could be resolved on the spot.
“This is part of a larger effort to help people get the assistance they need. this tax season,” said the head of the tax agency.
In recent weeks, the IRS has rolled out English and Spanish voice and chat bots to phone lines to help taxpayers with tax payment issues or understand an IRS notice they may have received.
According to the IRS, the bots will solve general questions about tax season and will focus on answering questions that have to do with how to make one-time payments or collection clarifications.
This new technology based on artificial intelligence, they provide unauthenticated services, which means they cannot provide assistance with a taxpayer's protected account information.
“Voice and chat bots interact with taxpayers in easy-to-follow ways, which means taxpayers don't have to wait on hold to handle simple tasks,” said Darren Guillot, IRS Small Business/Self-Employed Collection Commissioner. .
The federal agency detailed in a statement that throughout this 2022, voice bots will allow taxpayers to authenticate their identity to establish payment plans, request a transcript and obtain information about their accounts, such as payment details.
The IRS plans to roll out more voice and chat bots later in 2022 to help taxpayers with more complex issues. The idea of ​​this is to be able to best serve the needs of taxpayers and provide a better service.

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Author: MiamiDiario JM 11:42 am

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