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Janitorial Services: HeitsHEITS Building Services is the new leader in commercial cleaning. HEITS offers a truly customized cleaning program to meet the requirements of every client's facility, including Medical, Commercial, Multi-dwelling, Pharmaceutical, Corporate, Restaurant, Manufacturing, Retail, and Industrial. HEITS offers a wide range of general and specialized cleaning and building services.

Janitorial Services: RestorationStarting any new business is a big decision. Choosing a path such as a water restoration franchise with Restoration1 can take a lot of stress and uncertainty from the process. With a solid and established strategy of success – Restoration1 can help you get our business up and running quickly and efficiently and help you turn a profit faster.

Janitorial Services: Maid Brigademaid brigade is a residential cleaning service over 400 professional cleaning franchise locations operating in the US and Canada. Established in 1979 in Toronto, Canada, maid brigade has remained at the forefront of our industry, commanding a healthy and growing market share every year we've been in business.

Janitorial Services: Window GenieWindow Genie is widely recognized for our outstanding customer service and multiple revenue stream platform. Together, these created a clean and effective business model: to provide time-starved homeowners with window cleaning and other related services by trained and professional technicians on a year-round basis at a price that is both affordable and competitive.

Janitorial Services: Maid to Perfection

  • A new franchised business opens somewhere in the US every eight minutes of each business day
  • There are over 820,000 franchised business establishments in the US
  • Franchised businesses provide over 14 million jobs in the US
  • Total franchise sales exceed $1 trillion.
  • The US Department of Commerce states that 90% of franchises are still in operation after ten years, compared to just 18% for other forms of small business.

Janitorial Services: 1-800 Water DamageFounded in 2002 with over 60 Units, 1-800-WATER DAMAGE™ is a low overhead, recession resistant, and simple to operate restoration franchise with a focus on the high margin segments of water damage and mold. When water damage occurs, we use modern technology and equipment to dry customers' homes or businesses in just a matter of days.

Janitorial Services: Jan-Pro

There's never been a better time to join JAN-PRO. Regardless of economic pressures and consumer preferences, our industry, and JAN-PRO in particular, has thrived over the past decade. Commercial cleaning is a $100 billion industry.

Forget the misconceptions you might have about the cleaning business. ace to JAN-PRO Master Owner, you won't be doing the actual cleaning. You'll be using your executive skill set to manage your own business and succeed in an industry that works.

Janitorial Services: Molly Maidmolly maid is one of the world's most recognized residential cleaning services. It offers carpet cleaning services as well. The owner is responsible for the executive level management of this highly-scalable business. Employees clean the homes. This lifestyle business operates Monday – Friday, 8 to 5. Today's busy families, young professionals and active seniors are on the go and need assistance with their housework.

Janitorial Services: 360 cleanWe design and tailor cleaning programs to meet individual needs, while guaranteeing that each facility will be impeccably clean and aesthetically impressive. Our goal is to make each facility 360 clean. In addition, we offer a specialized cleaning concept for facilities. The JaniMed cleaning concept is unique and another advantage of 360clean.

Janitorial Services: Enviro-Master

Now is the time to start your own Enviro Master services franchise. The Hygiene industry since 2009, the only one of those unique businesses that will never become outdated. Be part of our incredibly successful team. We invite you to take advantage of this exciting franchise business opportunities.
(6 Units).


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