Karina Gibson, the Latina who is changing the world of finance

There are many Latin Americans leading strategic positions in different industries and verifying not only the talent, but also the high levels of professionalism and competitiveness. Specifically in the world of financial technology, the name of an Argentine woman insistently sounds for contributing a new scheme in service platforms for banking.
By David Zapata
Traditional banking models are being impacted, and the financial institutions of the future must transform their platforms in order to effectively integrate and collaborate with other players in the financial services ecosystem.

Karina Gibson,} is leading transformation processes through the work she does from her position as Chief Strategy Officer of FinConecta, a technology company that brings together digital solutions and businesses in the financial world, and offers platforms to accelerate digital transformation and Open Banking, facilitating different use cases and new business opportunities.

Faced with Karina's work, which is being recognized within the industry for promoting beneficial changes, she points out that it is what is immediately necessary in the current scenario we live in.
“The large banking corporations who, faced with the processes resulting from the pandemic, have had to redouble their commitment and adopt new, more open and digestible forms of work, resulting in the possibility not only of doing traditional business, but also opening new objectives. by partnering with third-party providers that allow them to capitalize on new revenue streams and reach new customers.”
Karina, a graduate with a Bachelor in Economics & French from Grinnell College with specializations in marketing and strategic planning, is bringing a new outlook to the finance industry through her experience and contributions, and is willing to continue facing the challenges of the Open Banking.

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