Others Wynwood Merchants they are worried because they are applying a code which affects your business, they have observed a change since Wynwood Marketplace was closed and the boom in the construction of luxury condos in the zone.

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Some merchants have been affected by the neighborhood code enforcement that caused Wynwood Marketplace to be closed for alleged permit violations, reported miaminewtimes.com.

One of them is Sven Vogtland, who received notice of an ordinance violation notice from his restaurant. Coyo Taco -located in Wynwood- when he was at home checking Instagram. There he saw a story containing a photo of a violation notice at his local Coyo Taco located at 2300 NW Second Ave, he also saw the $200 fine for violating the City of Miami's noise ordinance.

But that was not the only Vogtland business that was notified, he received four more violation notices at his two businesses: Coyo and 1-800-Lucky, a food hall containing Asian dishes, a bar and a karaoke room are all located in Wynwood.

After investigating, he found out that other owners also received the citation.

Wynwood Marketplace Closure and Petition

The closing of the Wynwood Marketplace triggered an online petition claiming that Miami city officials and luxury developers were conspiring to silence the nightlife in Wynwood starting at 11 p.m., jeopardizing the neighborhood's identity as a center for arts, culture, and entertainment. 

It is no coincidence that the area is experiencing a boom in office space and residential buildings.

The petition campaign was promoted by two Wynwood personalities, Moishe Mana and Tony Albelo., the former a billionaire developer and the largest private landlord in Wynwood, the latter the man behind Swarm, an event production company.

Albelo asserts that has always complied with all the rules and laws to operate in Wynwood Marketplace.

Noise code violations?

Some business owners and operators say the city ​​of Miami cited them for noise code violations, Nothing like this had ever happened to them before.

One of the city ​​of miami rules allows music to be played indoors until 3 a.m., but prohibits outdoor music after 11 p.m.

Violations can result in a warning and fine. Two or more convictions for violations can lead to a city ​​imposed closure and business license revocation of the establishment.

Something that seems strange to Philippe Kalifa, co-owner of El Patio, a bar and burger joint on NW 23rd Street, is that thenotices sent to them by the city of Miami state that the noise violations took place outside business hours, it decir, while the establishment was closed, or during the hours when businesses are closed, recounted miaminewtimes.com.

That has been the case for Vogtland, who presented various appeals to the city for each of the appointments. As proof he has the recordings of security cameras, some of which he reviewed New Times , which show that the business was closed and only cleaning crews were around when noise violations allegedly occurred the February 23.

Other businesses that have received warnings or citations include Gramps, Veza Sur, Dirty Rabbit, Mayami Mexicantina, El Patio, Wood Tavern, Vandalo, Booze Garden, Cafeina, Centro and Le Chick, all of which have appealed the violations.


¿When and why did this ordinance begin to be strictly enforced? Anyone who has ventured to hike Wynwood knows that the music always plays after 11 at night and can sometimes be heard several blocks away.

Everyone wants to know what is really going on so they know what to do. 

The newspaper New Times  He tried to get a statement from some city authority on this issue, but was told it would take time.

Will there be a war on Wynwood's merchants between the city authorities and the luxury condominium builders?

We will only have to wait to know the truth.

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