The food you'll buy to watch the Super Bowl could be more expensive this year

This Sunday thousands of people will gather throughout the United States, to witness the most important sporting event such as the Super Bowl, which this time will play its LVI edition. However, the cost of the food that is consumed on this date will have a high cost compared to previous years, as indicated by the CBS Miami team.
Both franchise owners and supermarkets indicated that this item suffered an increase of between 15% and 20%, in 2022 for this important date.

Zak Fishman, co-owner of Prime Pizza, indicated that the level of production will increase considerably for the Super Bowl.
“This is a normal Sunday. So you're basically looking to double your sales volume,” says co-owner Zak Fishman.
Establishments began preparation before the Super Bowl
Fishman said that the preparation of the products that will be offered this Sunday was done in advance.
He said they stocked up on wings and pizza toppings because the items are harder to come by this year due to inflation plaguing the United States.

Your Super Bowl spread is going to be more expensive this year. Inflation hit a four-decade high of 7% in December, per the Consumer Price Index. #inflation #SuperBowl #food
– Forkpitchfood (@forkpitchfood) February 1, 2022

The latest report from experts indicated that consumer prices rose 7,5% in the 12 months ending in January.
Making food at home will also be expensive
But if you plan to get together with some friends to watch the Los Angeles Rams-Cincinnati Bengals game and prepare a barbecue or other dish it could also cost you something.
“It is anticipated that we are going to spend 14-15% more on our Super Bowl items,” said Phil Lempert, editor of
Despite the situation, higher prices are not expected to reduce spending or defeat Americans' love of food on a day as memorable as the Super Bowl.

Miami Daily
Author: Daniel Parra 2:39 pm

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