The United States Senate Approves Immigration Reform 

In a historic vote, on June 27, 2013, the United States Senate approved a majestic immigration reform, which will open the process to obtain legal status to millions of people in the United States who lack it, and at the same time increase the country's border security. The next step is the vote on the reform by the House of Representatives.

The original reform was a joint effort by four Republican senators and four Democratic senators who worked privately for months to achieve the bipartisan proposal. This group of eight senators were crucial in the step of taking the immigration proposal to the Senate. With a vote of 68 senators in favor of the proposal and 32 against, and with the support of Republicans and Democrats, it was approved this Thursday in the Senate.

However, it seems that the proposal will generate a dispute in the House of Representatives, many of which are working on their own version of immigration legislation. The spokesman for the House of Representatives, John Boehner, pointed out that both Houses (Senators and Representatives) must work on the issue of Immigration.

If the proposal becomes law, it will be the most profound reform that has occurred in the country since the 1980s. This reform will provide the path to legal status for millions of foreigners who are out of legal status in the United States. The new legislation will also increase legal immigration and increase border security by providing 20,000 new border agents, the completion of 700 miles of border fencing, and the acquisition of high-tech tools for border security with Mexico.

The proposal includes the increase of visa quotas for highly qualified foreigners, dedicated to the areas of technology. A new program for farm and labor sector workers who will be admitted into temporary programs. Additionally, the legislation would include mechanisms to prevent illegal immigration in the future, requiring companies to check the legal status of their potential employees.

The Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives is also working in favor of immigration reform. They approved legislation on Wednesday to establish a system that requires companies to verify the legal status of employees within two years, and the discussion of the proposal related to highly skilled workers.

Recent government studies have shown that immigration and reform is a win-win issue in the country: generating high growth, a significant reduction in the deficit and a rational employment policy.

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