Life is Short, but it can be Beautiful.

To the extent that we advance in age, we realize that we have only lived "for a moment". If we do a recap to “roughly” Of what our life has been, we will see that a third part is spent sleeping, a third part watching television and idle, and a third part studying or working.

After our childhood and youth, life places us in the need to procure our livelihood and work. Full of energy, we begin to struggle to obtain the income that will allow us to progress, maintain a home, and carve out a position in society. And so, tucked into that dynamic, the years go by and, without realizing it, we reach the chronological age at which we are supposed to retire. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty or more years have passed in which we were immersed in an absorbing work routine and it is time to prepare ourselves to enjoy the balance of years of life that luck will bring us.

If we choose the business path to emerge in life, we will now have a business that has been forged under our tutelage and with our efforts of many years; it is time to sell it to a third party, or pass it on to our descendants. If there are no willing descendants because they decided to pursue activities more attractive than ours, then it is time to prepare the company for sale.

Shoemaker to your shoes ...

Since our specialty is managing businesses, but not selling them, this is the time to contact a business broker to guide us on the steps to follow to achieve a successful operation. Without any commitment because the brokers do not charge a penny until the sale is closed, we will learn the formulas to value the company, how to present the financial statements and collect all the accounting and documentary information of interest, as well as the channels that the broker will use. to launch the company on the market.

From that preliminary and free consultation with the broker, a relationship will begin that may last for a long time. During the sale process, the broker will maintain permanent communication with the business owner, leading potential buyers and serving as transaction agent between the buyer and the seller.

Hiring a business broker for business owners is good business.

While the broker structures and coordinates the steps for the sale, we can continue dedicated to our routine activities at the head of the business, having the peace of mind that the broker will know how to handle the matter in a strictly confidential manner.

So, if we are thinking of selling our business, we must first hear the expert opinion of the broker and then decide. Total, if it costs us nothing...

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