The former head of the IMF Christine Lagarde said that the president's commercial offensive Donald Trump against China could reduce global economic growth and criticized their habits on Twitter in an interview with the American television program 60 Minutes.

By Miami Diario Newsroom

Lagarde, who assumes leadership of the European Central Bank on November 1, called on world leaders to act like adults and negotiate a solution to trade conflicts, calling for "rational decisions." Newly freed from the restrictions of her previous position, in which she would have had to take care of her language, Lagarde said that "market stability should not be the subject of a tweet here, a tweet there."

"It requires consideration, reflection, calm and measured and rational decisions," he said of Trump in the interview due to the Sunday night broadcast.

Lagarde led the Washington-based crisis lender for eight years and was previously more cautious in his comments on Trump, as the United States is the largest shareholder in the IMF.

In the interview, he warned that Trump's trade war with China will give the world economy "a big haircut."

"My message to all politicians is to please sit down like big men and put everything on the table, and try to negotiate bit by bit, piece by piece, so that we have certainty," he said, according to excerpts from the interview published by CBSNews.

By taking on the new role of central banker, Lagarde also took a jab at Trump's barrage of criticism of his own Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, whom Trump has called "airheads," among other insults.

“A central bank governor does his job better if he is independent.”

Source: France24

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