A Dantesque scene that I will never forget appeared in the movie The Children of Brazil. It showed the infamous Dr. Mengele, a Nazi doctor who used prisoners of war for his scientific experiments, poking at the dentures of his victims with a rudimentary and otherwise noisy drill.

I must confess that from my early childhood I had a dislike for dentists because I associated them with moments of suffering. In the same way, by inadvertent, I never considered important the aesthetic function that dental professionals fulfill.

Today, in light of the important advances that have been made in intervention techniques, materials, and instruments, my perception of the subject has taken a 180-degree turn. Patients in modern dental centers are now more concerned with aesthetic and functional elements than with the pain that a treatment may cause.

Going to the dentist is now more of a relaxing experience because the office environment offers ergonomic chairs, the right temperature and a musical background. In addition to comfort, the sedation methods and the sophisticated instruments used are a guarantee of tranquility and calm for the patient.

Indeed, new dental technologies such as laser equipment have managed to combine mechanical efficiency with substantial reduction and even elimination of pain. In addition, laser technologies, being significantly less invasive, allow the patient's recovery time to be shorter.

For all these magnificent reasons, do not be afraid to go to the dentist and think with the author of Don Quixote de la Mancha, the ineffable Miguel de Cervantes, that "a tooth in a man's teeth is an asset more valuable than a diamond."

by Alfredo Gonzalez Amare

Dentist in Miami: www.dhc.dental

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