Company for the sale, distribution and installation of Artificial Grass


Company specialized in the sale, distribution and installation of artificial grass for both residential and commercial areas. The firm creates pleasant, weather-resistant environments that require low maintenance costs. Has a large inventory of synthetic grass products, readily available. It has an experienced team of installers specialized in gardening, architecture and landscaping projects. All products are certified lead-free. The firm's products are used in a wide range of residential and commercial areas, green golf areas, children's play areas, pet areas, sports fields and the like. It is an anti-recession company with sustained upward trend growth. The firm is made up of two companies, one of which is in charge of wholesale sales. As both companies are included in the price, the figures presented are aggregated. The pricing of both companies is supported by a professional valuation report dated January 23, 2020, adjusted for 2020 operating results.

Price: $ 3.800,000
Alba Zylbermann
Phone: (305) 794-0808

Zip Code:33172
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