Modern Rejuvenation SPA in Miami Beach

Modern Rejuvenation SPA in Miami Beach
Modern Rejuvenation SPA in Miami Beach. It has been operating successfully for more than 10 years. It enjoys an excellent location. It has a local of 1.000 square feet (93 M2) with three parking spaces. Ample public parking across the street. Lease contract "triple net" for 5 years at a rate of $ 6,700 per month. All permits and operating licenses up to date. The Spa is affiliated with the American Dermatology Society.
Use the following equipment:
1 Palomar laser with 5 manual parts
1 Vitaris hyperbaric oxygen chamber
1 compressor for hyperbaric chamber
1 Diamond Tome microdermabrasion machine
3 beds for hydraulic massage and treatments
1 teeth whitening machine
2 Mobilaire V portable oxygen generators
2 Element smooth shape machines.
It offers the following treatments and services:
hyperbaric oxygen
WLSC Skin Treatment Facials
Hyperbaric oxygen
Facial Infusion
Cellulite reduction through “Smooth Shapes” treatment
IPL Photofacial