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You already have the key to your property. Perhaps the process was very easy, or it may have been stressful. The important thing is that you made it. You are the owner of a new home. I want to remind you that there are certain things you must do after buying your home.

As a specialist in new properties, I can tell you that even if your property has guarantees, good maintenance is very important so that your house is kept in excellent condition.

#1 Savings

In general terms, I always recommend that my clients have at least 6 months of their mortgage payment saved, in the event that something happens that they lose their job. In my time as a realtor, I am happy to say that none of my clients have lost their home due to non-payment. So having that reserve is essential and will give you peace of mind.

#2 Register the guarantees

Second, if the house is new, you must register all the guarantees that the property provides for you, such as air conditioning, stove, refrigerator, etc. Construction companies generally provide a 25-year roof warranty and a 10-year structural warranty, among others.

Anything you see within the first year that is wrong with the property, the construction company guarantees to fix it, for example, a crack that appears in the property, a broken cabinet.

It is important that you know that if you are going to make any changes to the property, you may lose certain guarantees.

In the case of used or existing properties on the market it is different. These have no guarantees. You buy the house “as is,” that is, just as it is. Therefore, it is important that before you buy it, you carry out an inspection to find out the status of the electrical system, the roof, the air conditioning, among others. IF the house is used, it probably depends on the year, you are going to have to invest in things that are damaged. On the other hand, buying a new house gives you incredible peace of mind. I recommend it 100%.

#3 Apply for “homestead”

In terms of taxes, it is important that you claim the "homestead" of your property. It is a right that you have as an owner,

There are also exemptions that can be claimed by disabled people, veterans, and people over 65 years of age, so that the payment of taxes is reduced, as established by law.

#4 Transfer water and electricity services

In terms of water and electricity services in new houses, they generally give you three days to make the respective changes. In used houses, you generally have to make the transfers the same day of the closing.

#5 Contact the Homeowner Association (HOA)

It is important that you contact your community association, if applicable to your property. New Homes Usually Have Associations Many people dislike having associations in their community. However, having it ensures a standard of excellence and beauty in that community. What maintains the value of your property.

It is very important that you do not stop paying the HOA fee under any circumstances because in Florida this means that you can lose your property, even if you pay the mortgage on time.

#6 Meet neighbors

Another thing you should do is get to know your neighbors. Even if you keep a private life, it is always good to know who lives near you, for anything that both families need and for the safety of you and your family. Nothing better than having a good neighbor to take care of your house when you go on a trip.

#7 Survey: keep it in a safe place

The "survey" is delivered to you on the day of closing and it is important that you keep it well, as you will need it for any repairs you want to make to your property. If, for example, you want to build a pool, add something to the house, etc. It is important that you deliver it to an authorized contractor to make said changes and that those arrangements that are made in your home are duly approved and registered in your county. Or it can mean a problem if you want to sell your property in the future.

Finally, you must prepare to enjoy your new home! That great achievement does not happen every day. Congratulations.

The author is a realtor under Empire Network Realty. Visit her website: Contact: 321.276.1906.


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