The NTF and the Metaverse will conquer the young

The NFTs and the Metaverse are the new technologies that conquer the minds of the new generations, since they can be monetized and generate large amounts of money if they know how to manage them, according to Business Insider. 
ViacomCBS futurist Ted Schilowitz describes himself as a "professional frog kisser" and also cataloged as a Silicon Valley visionary reveals new technologies and observes what applications they have for the company and the next consumers.

Schilowitz told Business Insider, “You're responsible for looking at things and being, effectively, the most open-minded in the entire company. Everything can have some degree of value, or a tremendous amount of value. And the only way to find out is to go out there and test the waters: explore, talk to the people who use the technology, see if there seems to be something there.”
The visionary explored one of the frogs years ago, which was a virtual reality company in Irvine, California and began to observe its offices, which he fell in love with because of its technology and shortly after he realized that Mark Zuckerberg did that same with his company Oculus, which he acquired in 2014.
Viacom has been hailed as an “original innovator on how to evolve television” by the same entrepreneur, having created television networks such as MTV and Nickelodeon, which offer an impressive amount of programs and content.
“MTV is an absolutely original metaverse. Always on the go, always accessible, and finding a very specific audience that could grow organically,” Ted announced.
But ViacomCBS is not the only one that is being visionary with the world of NFTs, as Fox is also doing it with WWE's Masked Singer NFTs, while Dick Wolf, a product partnered with Curio to create detective stories that they are powered by NFT.
Ted explained about the new generations and their link to the world of NFTs: “If you look at teenagers or tweens, their digital lives are such a large and well-defined part of their daily existence, that they do not create a definitional break between their digital personalities, their digital representation, and the real representation.”
The visionary also indicated his secret for the production "In my late 50s, I have to put real energy, consciously, every day to try to think and act and function like a 16-year-old person."
“That's what a futurologist has to do: you have to pretend you're in youth culture, you have to understand it. So a lot of the people that I work with are many generations younger than me, because I can learn from them,” Ted added regarding NFTs AND the Metaverse.

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Author: Natasha Palís 7:52 am

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