Florida Lottery changed the lives of three winners

This week the Florida Lottery was very busy as its scratch-off games generated three winners, The Fress Press website reported.
The lucky ones were located in various parts of the state and the amount they obtained exceeded $1 million.

“THE FASTEST PATH TO $1,000,000,” as the Florida Lottery game is known, launched in February 2020.
So far the Florida Lottery game has generated 155 top prizes of $1,000 and more than $000 million in cash! The overall odds of winning the game are one in 948.
This Week's Florida Lottery Winners
The first scratch-off winner was Frank O'Dell, who claimed a $1,000 top prize at Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee on Monday. -Sum payment of $930,000.00.
Then on Tuesday, Lora Tanouis, 58, claimed a $1 million prize, buying a ticket in New Port Richey.

Three Florida Players Win $3,000,000 Total From Scratch-Off Tickets This Week #florida #lotteryhttps://t.co/LjsNdaalyS
— The Free Press (@tampafreepress) February 12, 2022

The latest winner was Johnny Evans, 51, of Holiday, who purchased a ticket at 7-Eleven H, located at 4547 Sunray Drive in Holiday.
Scratch-offs represent 75% of profits
Scratch-off games are a significant part of the Florida Lottery's game portfolio, comprising approximately 75% of the company's ticket sales.
In addition, they generate more than $1,300 billion for the Educational Improvement Trust Fund (EETF).
Ticket sellers also made a profit equal to 25% of the prize won.

Miami Daily
Author: Daniel Parra 3:19 pm

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