The Republican senator from Hialeah, Manny Diaz Jr.., proposed to regulate the vacation rental, added that he would reserve the decision on the measures to Tallahassee.

MiamiDiario Newsroom

However, Manny Diaz Jr. also stated in a press conference that "it will allow municipalities and counties to impose regulations as long as they are applied to all residential properties”, highlighted

The purpose of this bill, called SB 1128, is regular to those who rent apartments, houses or studios to visitors, in the Airbnb style.

What could be regulated would be the “time, permitted zones and payment of taxes”, highlighted Diaz Jr.

As for local governments, the Republican senator indicated that they would continue assigning regulations on “noise, parking and number of occupants”.

Added the senator from Hialeah, “After all, we live in the United States. The private property still iimportant".

Manny Diaz Jr.

Diaz Jr. asserted that the proposed law basically says “you have to treat everyone the same. You can't tell Landlord X that he can allow parties until 5am and Airbnb renter that he can't have a party.”

Supporters and Detractors

The state senator's bill is supported by the real estate association Florida Realtors.

However, many localities do not support it, an example is the city of Sarasota, whose representatives affirm that the municipal governments must continue to be responsible for resolving this situation, due to the fact that they are the entities that best know the problems of their areas, they are also the ones that are best qualified to legislate according to their needs.

Sarasota Mayor Liz Alpert

Sarasota Mayor Liz Alpert stated, "This is a quality of life issue."

For its part, the newspaper Florida Today, He stated, "This rental issue has been devastating to many communities."

Meanwhile, the Miami Beach chief of staff, Michele Puldy Burger, stated that the "vast majority" of those who bet on renting for a short time are "business conglomerates" that serve specific areas.

Concrete actions

Those in charge of supervising the behavior of the residents of Miami Beach as of the inhabitants of Miami they have directed their efforts to pass laws to prevent parties from disturbing neighbors, stop illicit commercial businesses such as the sale of drugs and the use and/or trade in people, especially women for sexual purposes.

Miami Beach

A resident of 8th Street in South Beach stated, "That has been our fight in this building." In the residence where she lives more than half of her neighbors rent their properties for two or three days to unknown clients through Airbnb.


While the company airbnb reported that in the state of Florida they have more than 40.000 properties included in their lists, in which more than three million people have vacationed in 2019 alone, which was an approximate contribution of 500 million dollars in profits for users .

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