It was known that Mark Zuckerberg wants rename it to applications Whatsapp and Instagram, so that they relate more to your company Facebook.

By Miami Diario Newsroom

Apparently the owner of the largest social network that exists wants to make it very clear that two apps are from him, as if most of the inhabitants of the planet did not know.

According to the information portal The Information, that would be the reason that led to Mark Zuckerberg for the two applications to be known as «Instagram from Facebook" Y "WhatsApp from Facebook«, He highlighted

It is not the first time that Zuckerberg has suggested and made this type of change, he has already done it -on another occasion- with his Workplace business collaboration platform, which for some time has been known as «Workplace from Facebook«.

Some network experts say that it seems that Mark Zuckerberg don't believe that Facebook is receiving the relevant recognition as the company that owns the messaging application and the social network.

To change this situation, the company has made it known that the products and services that are part of FacebookThe Information stated.

But apparently the company has not realized that the fact that Whatsapp and Instagram do not share the name of Facebook has helped that those apps have been out of recent scandals in which Facebook has been involved.

One of them was related to Cambridge Analytica, by which Facebook had to pay 5.000 million euros in the United States.

Furthermore the Facebook data protection policies they'll be supervised awarded by the United States Federal Trade Commission.

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