María Corina Machado's courage and determination continue to resonate in every corner of Venezuela. Today, her visit to the Apure state was no exception, and despite the multiple obstacles imposed by Nicolás Maduro's regime, MCM demonstrated once again that nothing can stop the wave of change and freedom that has awakened in the Venezuelan people. .

Crossing Obstacles in Curiara

Since last night, Chavismo had prepared the ground to make the arrival of María Corina Machado to Apure difficult. With the María Nieves Bridge blocked and the San Fernando motorized fronts deployed, supporters of the ruling party tried to stop her from passing. The motorcycle taxi drivers, threatened with losing their benefits if they did not collaborate, reflect the constant pressure that the regime exerts on citizens. However, the bravery of MCM and his team prevailed when they crossed the Apure River in a curiara, thus overcoming the obstacle and demonstrating that the will of the people is stronger than any imposed barrier.

A Mass Assembly

Despite the adversities, the arrival of María Corina Machado to San Fernando de Apure was received with enthusiasm and hope. She held a massive assembly with various unions and unions, where there was an air of unity and determination for true change. The distressed people, tired of abandonment and lack, found in MCM a leader who listens to them and represents their desire for freedom and prosperity.

Aggression and Resilience

The day was not without challenges. At the end of the event, a group of government supporters attacked María Corina Machado and the team of reporters covering the events, who also suffered robberies and acts of violence. This attack, clearly ordered by Chavismo, only reinforced the commitment of MCM and his team to the cause they defend. Far from being intimidated, María Corina thanked the support of the Apureños who showed solidarity and defended her during the altercation, demonstrating that the unity and strength of the people can counteract any attempt at intimidation.

The people's voice

María Corina's words resonated strongly in the ears and souls of the enthusiastic Apureño people. An ingenious local poet coined the following stanza:

«I come from Alto Apure crossing plains, crossing savannahs I come singing a procession, I bring dust from the road, I bring dust from the road, I bring María Corina along the river.»

This message, loaded with symbolism, reflects not only his physical journey, but also his tireless fight to bring hope and freedom to every corner of Venezuela.

In Apure, as in the entire country, María Corina Machado has become a political and social phenomenon. Its popular roots, fueled by Venezuelans' desire for freedom, are unstoppable.

The die is cast

Today, in Apure, it was clear that the will of the people, supported by brave leaders like MCM, can and will defeat the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro. The wave of emotion and hope it has unleashed cannot be contained. María Corina Machado is, without a doubt, the embodiment of the fight for freedom and change in Venezuela, and her courage inspires an entire country to move forward., until the end.

Author: Alfredo González
5 May 2024

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