That's right, a sports accident unfortunately led me to a double fracture of that little shoulder bone that is so important to execute the proper movement of the arms. In pain and thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I went to the office in Coral Gables of the Dr. Alejandro Posada.
Since I did not know Dr. Posada, I decided to google him to find out about his credentials and find out about his professional career. I knew then that he graduated from the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana in Bogotá; that he did his residency in orthopedic surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami; and postgraduate degree in sports medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. I also learned that Dr. Posada was affiliated with prestigious local hospitals: Baptist Hospital, Doctor's Hospital, Mercy Hospital, and Coral Gables Hospital.
Given the emergency that arose, Dr. Posada received me quickly and, after the pertinent x-rays and tests, recommended that I undergo corrective surgery, which I accepted because I did not see any other solution to that health problem. On the other hand, Dr. Posada's professional attitude and "gift of people" inspired me with the dose of confidence necessary to commit myself to the surgical process without wasting time.
In the meantime, and to prepare me for the operation, Dr. Posada referred me in good time to his colleague's office on Dr Carlos Riveros, an excellent internist trained at the Military University of Nueva Granada-Colombia and at the Pinnacle Health System in Pennsylvania. To my satisfaction, Dr. Riveros turned out to be, in addition to a conscientious professional, an excellent person capable of transmitting the necessary and timely peace to a patient in difficulty.
To summarize this story, I will tell you that I was admitted to Coral Gables Hospital where I was assigned a small but comfortable room on the 3rd floor. The surgical intervention began, after receiving full anesthesia, at about 6 pm and was over in a couple of hours.
Dr. Posada masterfully reconstructed my clavicle and reinforced it with a "foolproof" titanium strap and screws. The immediate postoperative period, the worst part of the entire process, is characterized by the discomfort caused by the pain of the wound and the difficulty of body movement. It is precisely during those moments when the patient needs more attention and, of course, consent.
And when it comes to good care, Coral Gables Hospital has nothing to envy to the best care centers in the world. Its staff, from the friendly admissions lady to the medical and maintenance staff, do not skimp on a smile or a friendly gesture to make the patient's stay more pleasant.
I would say that the most important thing about the hospital service lies in the ability of the medical staff and nurses to convey to the patient the confidence that they are in expert hands and concerned about their well-being. For all these reasons, I feel obliged to express to Dr. Posada, Dr. Riveros and all the staff with whom I was lucky enough to be treated, my profound gratitude for the efficient and warm treatment they gave me.
And, from the day I had surgery on my clavicle fracture, little Coral Gables Hospital and its people have become part of the best memories of my life...

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