One of the important aspects when you study English is have the best possible pronunciation. You will only achieve this with practice, but there are also certain factors that influence the process.

How important is pronunciation? It is essential to be able to have good communication, and even more so if we take into account that English has 44 different sounds, 20 vowels and 24 consonants.

If you have trouble making yourself understood, perhaps your pronunciation is not bad, you may have learned a very unique accent, this is one of the factors that influence the process and generally has relation to the place where you learned the language. If you studied in your native country you will not have the same accent as if you studied in the United States or Great Britain.

For example, the accent of the natives of the state of Texas has a uniqueness that the accent of the natives of Florida or Massachusetts does not have. The same happens when we speak at the country level, the North American accent is different from that of Australia or Ireland.

That is why in Miami English Spot we offer you the best courses so that you can develop your pronunciation in a great way, and the fact of being located in US territory will give youto an ideal accent with which you can make yourself understood in an effective way.

Similarly, with our conversation club you will have great progress, you will achieve improve your diction, your development when you speak and you will expand your vocabulary greatly. Don't think about it anymore, improve your pronunciation and learn english with us thanks to our effective and fun methodology.

Find us at 11402 NW 41st St, Ste 222, Doral, Florida You can also contact us from Monday to Saturday through the number (786) 715 34 76 or through social networks: Instagram: @miamienglishspot - Facebook: Miami English Spot - Youtube: Miami English Spot.


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