Miami generated more than 78.000 new jobs in January 2022

Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the Miami area unemployment rate was 3,2% in January 2022, down 3,9 percentage points from the 7,1% rate in January 2021.
The Miami-area workforce grew by 36,538 during the year, an increase of 2,8%, FloridaJobs reported.

In January 2022, Miami added 78.700 new private sector jobs, increasing 7,9% over the year.
The industries that gained the largest number of jobs during the year include leisure and hospitality, increasing by 24.800 jobs; professional and business services, increasing by 21.500 jobs; and trade, transportation and public services, increasing by 15.800 jobs.
Among all metro areas, the Miami metro area gained the second highest number of private sector jobs for the year in January 2022.
In total, Florida has gained 124.700 private sector jobs since February 2020, reaching 101,6% of the pre-pandemic employment level.
Florida continues to see a significant increase in the workforce, growing by 318,000 for the year, as Floridians continue to look forward to returning to the workforce. Florida's unemployment rate has dropped to 3,5%, declining by 2,5 percentage points over the year.
American Airlines offers jobs in Miami
American Airlines has set out to increase its staff in Miami and is adding 600 people to its workforce in different areas.
This airline is one of the largest and busiest of the Miami airport, in addition, its representatives declared that they are already training 200 new employees to be reservation representatives and that they will add another 400 reservation representative positions.
The new jobs offered by American Airlines are to work from home and an essential requirement is that the jobs are specifically aimed at people who live within a radius of 75 miles (120 km) of the Miami airport.

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Author: MiamiDiario JM 2:41 pm

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