Miami could have a 10 kilometer underground tunnel

The city of Miami could have a 6,2-mile underground circuit that would be approximately 10 kilometers in the North Miami Beach area exclusively for Tesla vehicles and this would be an ideal option to speed up the heavy traffic in the city, reported Bloomberg Line.
The purpose of this plan is for the circuit to consist of seven tunnel entrances and the cost of this project is between $185 million and $220 million, taking into account current prices and it will only take 36 months to execute it, according to what is stated in the proposal. that came as a request to Miami.

The project is originated by the South African businessman Elon Musk, who has held business talks with various governments in South Florida since the beginning of 2021, as he tries to improve the mobilization of traffic in Miami in order to offer better paid positions.
Courtesy of Bloomberg Line Public transportation in South Florida is very limited and scarce, and one of the obstacles is politics and logistics, as well as a shallow water table.
The only company that responded to the request was Boring Co. 
Commissioner Michael Joseph shared said proposal on February 1 and he himself pointed out that the recently approved Infrastructure Investment and Employment Law could help said project through subsidy programs.
Under the proposal, government scoring methods "would likely score the circuit favorably" and Boring may be willing to fund "a portion of the project costs to support construction and operation."
Although Joseph traveled to Las Vegas in 2021 to visit the Boring Co. operations, he acknowledged that broader participation is essential to build the tunnel, which may include nearby municipalities, Miami-Dade County and the state and federal governments, as well as the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Miami Daily
Author: Natasha Palís 4:09 pm

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