Miami can beat the high cost of living with technology

A well-known businessman from the technology sector in Miami has founded three companies in the same field and is already on his fourth, which is called CryptoLeague, a Web3-based investment platform, reported El Nuevo Herald. 
However, Rodolfo Saccoman, who is the businessman, has not revealed further details about this company since he prefers to keep it private, since the company is in "stealth mode". But what he has said is that he is working with two other partners that he met last year and who have moved to the city of the Sun to carry out this new company.

The two partners are Gleb Chuvpilo, who is a venture capital investor and researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Jeff Nuckols, a veteran Hewlett-Packard executive. The entrepreneurs met in the OnDeck business acceleration program and so far they have managed to raise 2,2 million dollars through various investors such as Florida Funders.
Rodolfo Saccoman in the middle and his two partners. Courtesy of El Nuevo Herald Local founders have fought so that this new sector is not affected in the city of Miami, since it is unprecedented. 
“It was a fight for entrepreneurship to really be seen as something that Miami could create,” Saccoman announced. 
The businessman who hails from South Africa but is supporting his family in Miami has had an idea of ​​how to deal with the high cost of living.
“It would be amazing if there was an organized association that had the top universities, the government, that had multiple CEOs and founders maybe at different levels… that everyone was in a room trying to figure out things that could be improved,” he said. "It would be interesting to ask the ecosystem who wants to lead it."
Now the city of the Sun has high costs motivated by the fact that the pandemic has caused Americans to move to this city due to the low costs that their housing and office rentals previously represented.
Rodolfo has a proposal.
“My hope is that the government and maybe some other well-funded venture capitalists, and the companies themselves, can get involved in some organized way to try to alleviate the inconvenience of the arrival of all these higher-paying jobs, of those elements that can affect everyone else.”
Despite this, he said he would not change the geography of Miami's tech sector at all and through a post about a photograph of office space on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach that Saccoman shared for years with Rokk3r Labs, which at the time He was the main financier of his companies.
"At a given moment, the tiredness of not seeing the potential in terms of: you had friends with startups that created companies from Miami and traveled to New York and San Francisco," he explained. 
“And there's always a perception of, 'Are you really trying to do this from Miami? Can you really create top technology, get patents? There were all these questions. Some were valid, but there was a big perception problem, and I don't blame them. Miami had some problems in terms of perception; there weren't many examples coming out of here."
With the opening of his first company, AdMobilize in 2012, which is an advertising analysis agency, it even had a great reception from Miami And only a year after it was sold for $19 million to Rokk5r.
"It's amazing that this was also in Wynwood... a very different Wynwood," said the businessman. 
This has made him calculate that the city has taken a decade or more to get to what it currently has in the technology sector. Having closed its first round of investment in CryptoLeague and is now receiving requests to open a fifth company.
“For me, it is an incredible moment to be creating a Web3 company from Miami, without having to leave the city to raise money”, concluded Saccoman. 

Miami Daily
Author: Natasha Palís 5:53 am

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