About us Microsoft Corp exceeded expectationss of the analysts for earnings during fiscal fourth quarter, thanks to the persistent increased sales of your cloud business and the encouragement of Windows update companies.

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According to experts in the field, Microsoft made emphasis on cloud services, which consists of clients moving their IT work to data centers managed by Microsoft, this activity began in 2014, when Satya Nadella was promoted as CEO, detailed reuters.com.

El Azure revenue growth was 64% During the fourth fiscal quarter, which ended on June 30, when making a comparative analysis with 2018, that year the increase was 89%.

Microsoft Azure it is a cloud service which became a commercial product of the company in 2010.

Refinitiv information indicates that Microsoft did not give an absolute revenue figure for Azure what he did was to merge it with his “intelligent cloud drive”, this earned $11.400 billion in revenue the expectations of the experts had placed them at 11.000 million dollars.

After the analysts iThey reported that they had a positive vision for cloud computing business, the Microsoft shares rose 2,5%, and settled at $139,83 in after-hours trading.

It should be noted that the growth of the cloud business increased the market value of Microsoft, and located it beyond 1 billion dollars in the fourth month of the year.

Another date to highlight is that yesterday –first- service Microsoft Azure had more quarterly income than the Windows business.

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure has a strong competitor in the cloud computing business, it is amazonwebservices, this company is the one has the leadership in the market, with 32,8%, follows Microsoft Azure with a 14,6% stake and Google It occupies the third position with 9,9%, as announced by the research company Canalys.


With regards to Microsoft net profit in the fourth fiscal quarter increased to 13.190 million dollars, which implies that each share is valued at $1,71. In the same time period in 2018, the company's net profit was $8.870 billion, with the stock trading at $1,14.

When calculating the Total revenue it is observed that increased by 12%, locating in 33.720 million, this amount is also higher than the estimates of the experts, who had calculated them at 32.770 million dollars.

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