Gustavo Markano, Minister Counselor of the Embassy/AN in the USAassured this Friday that Citgo is from Venezuela thanks to the "legitimate government" of Juan Guaidó, who protects it supported by the cooperation of the administration of US President Donald Trump, as disclosed Digital news

By Miami Diario Newsroom

Through Twitter, Marcano expressed: “The drug regime use #CITGO to finance their corrupt political project in #Venezuela and the world. They mortgaged it by giving it as collateral for the PDVSA 2020 bonds. When they lost control, they started a campaign to blame others for their irresponsibility.”

On the other hand, the minister-counselor added that thanks “to the interim government of the PresidentAND), @jguaido, in cooperation with the Administration of the President of the #USA, @realDonaldTrump, has reached an agreement that protects #CITGO from any legal action. Today CITGO is from #Venezuela, because it has a legitimate government.”

With information of: Digital news

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