Venezuelan, graduated in Administration with a specialization in Human Resources and a diploma in General Management. She also has advanced studies in NLP (Practitioner and Master) and Coaching; Graduated from the Tools Diploma Coaching Management at IESA – Caracas. It's Mirna Gonzalez, who as a speaker and actress is leaving her work mark on the south of the state of Florida.

Mario Augusto Beroes Ríos/Business in Miami

Mirna González lives in Boca Ratón, she has dedicated and still dedicates “all my energy to achieving in the viewer their maximum capacity for reflection from the emotional connection”. And she achieves this through her «Teatro Conferences» where she combines the knowledge of the lecturer with the histrionics of the actress.

«I have led major projects in important national and international companies such as Manpower, ASAP, KPMG among others, which today allows him to have a comprehensive vision to facilitate different topics due to his knowledge and experience through varied technical and practical facilitation techniques for business learning».

She has been the creator of Learning Spaces with theatrical pedagogy through her products of Thoughtful Comedy where she harmoniously integrates her professional training with her passion for theater, this has led her to develop spaces that, in a playful way with humor and reflection, make the participants handle life issues in a different and impressive way so that they can optimize their personal life. , labor and professional.

He assures that this methodology is an experiential and active learning with a rapid emotional connection to show behaviors, reflect and learn from them, «with this I seek to motivate through theatrical art what generates catharsis and where human feelings are exposed from the lightest to the deeper"

-This technique of Theater Pedagogy  Based on theater techniques and Coaching for experiential learning, it leads participants to see themselves reflected in situations in their lives and address questions from their essence to create new beliefs that inspire them and strengthen their self-esteem by generating their own answers.

A "laboratory" theater

She is currently an independent professional as a Consultant-Lecturer-Coach and Actress, she is the Founder of the Startup Artesa Maket Place; She is part of the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Association of Human Management (AVGH) and supports MUJER WOW INC in Venezuela and Miami. She is joining as a columnist in La Nota Latina and collaborator in Hispanas Realizadas.

-Reading your CV, the aspect of consultant, conferences, coach and actress catches my attention. How do you combine the four functions without at some point one prevailing over the other?

–It's not easy, but I organize myself and combine all those «f's». For example, I give theater conferences, as if it were a theatrical presentation with three aspects: Knowledge and Life Tools, Reflective Inquiry through Coaching and Stand Up with humor and comedy. Remember that I am speaker with an acting approach, o actress with an academic focus, everything will depend on how you want to see it, I like it better the second way.

A conference can be very boring, even if the topic catches your attention. So I try to motivate the assistant; that he knows that I speak to him in particular, even if it is an event of the magnitude or size that it is. She claims to have managed audiences from 20 attendees to 600 people

Mirna González adds that her presentations are adapted to the specific requirements of attendees and clients. "My talks or presentations are deliveries full of energy and passion that generate high impact, because I manage to reach the soul of people in a direct, simple and fun way."

"I developed the Theater Conferences of action with reflection first as a laboratory theater in companies and now it is an important field of cultural experimentation and organizational training in full swing, since it serves as a training, motivational, recreational and cultural activity”.

At the moment Mirna González has requests in Venezuela by associations or universities to create a Diploma or Program with theatrical techniques for traditional speakers.

-What triggered me to create these innovative products were the monotony and generational changes that currently impact organizations, young people want to connect and learn in a more creative, experiential, authentic, fun and emotional way. We cannot have better professionals without first having better people.

To know more about Myrna Gonzalez, you can visit their website or follow their social networks @mirnagonzalez1.

At the moment it will be presented at the black box room, in the Wynwood Walk with the "reflexive comedy" Venlife awaits you every Wednesday in September at 7:00 pm and one Sunday every 15 days at 3:00 pm.

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