What is Digital Marketing for? The universe for the digital marketing of a company is made up of a system of social networks that revolve around the firm's website.
For a website to be effective it must have the following basic characteristics:

  1. The content must be useful for the audience that it is intended to conquer.
  2. The navigation within the site must be friendly and make logical sense.
  3. The search speed must be adequate to the latest technological standards.
  4. The design must be pleasing to the eyes of the visitor.
  5. The site must reflect the faces and experience of the members of the business team that supports the offer of goods or services offered.
  6. A Blog where articles and news of interest to specialized readers are disseminated gives a dynamic element of the first order to the site.
  7. Contact information -address, phone numbers, fax, emails- must be clearly stated on the site.

A website, no matter how well structured it may be, will not be important if it does not have a sufficient and effective number of visits. To optimize the results, it is necessary, then, to develop a campaign to attract visitors with the capacity and desire to acquire the products or services offered.
To achieve traffic levels in the desired categories, the following formulas must be applied:

  1. Continuously generate content of interest to users, especially on the blog.
  2. Run periodic content optimization tasks (Search Engine Optimization-SEO) so that the various sections of the site are recognized by search engines, especially Google.
  3. Invest in sponsored ads such as Google Adwords and Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram ads.
  4. Disseminate the existence and benefits of the website through social networks. A promotional campaign through Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter will be enough and, without a doubt, will produce great results.

And, for those who have not yet gotten on the train of technological progress, I leave you with this prescient phrase by Bill Gates: "There will be two types of businesses in the XNUMXst century: those that are on the Internet and those that no longer exist.”
Author: Alfredo Gonzalez I      www.negociosenflorida.com


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