The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence announced that he will go to Florida next Saturday since he scheduled a meeting with representatives of the cruise industry To define strategies that allow them fight wuhan coronavirus, and can continue working despite the epidemic.

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During a press conference he held at the White House, the vice president of the United States asserted that "the rrisk of contagion of the COVID-19 disease remains low for Americans, but you have to use common sense," he said. VOA.

During the meeting with journalists, Mike Pence was accompanied by several members of the Task Force to combat the coronavirus in the United States.

This team was created recently to carry out strategies to combat the deadly disease.

Another important information that Pence gave is that the coronavirus tests are considered an “essential” health benefit, This implies that they will be covered by private and subsidized insurance.

But when asked what will happen to people without insurance, Pece seemed to ignore that question. It should be noted that according to the last census, more than 27 million Americans are uninsured.

Among the measures that the Trump administration is carrying out at airports is that if a passenger tests positive, “The airline will provide the information about the passenger next to you and the rest of the passengers on the plane”. This way, possible carriers of the Wuhan coronavirus can be followed up.

After meeting today with executives of the main airlines, Pence pointed out that all people who travel to the US. on a direct flight from Italy and South Korea are already being screened before boarding.

Pence assured that all labs at the state level in the United States are in capacity to carry out exams ,

He stressed that the The vast majority of the more than one hundred affected by Covid-19 are recovering satisfactorily.

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