Commented rick schmutzler, owner of the popular fitness bar located in wilton drive that everything is calm in the area due to the measures taken due to the advance of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, they have been like this for a month, now uncertainty hangs over their business.

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The owner of the acquaintance fitness bar He commented that they have been like this for a month.

Rick Schmutzler testifies to , "Our last day of work was March 17«.

He adds worriedly, “We have been closed since that day. All of our employees have been out of work ever since.”

Now that the bar is closed, local employees like Aubrey Collier are wondering how they are going to pay their household bills.

When interviewed by Collier commented, "All of us, especially those of us who are single, this was our only source of income«.

The young former employee asserted, now "you have to pay rent, utilities, groceries, just basic living expenses that we don't know how are we going to cover it«.

Collier noted, "He tells me that everyone have applied for unemployment but no one has received any money yet".

Schmutzler requested the Paycheck Protection Program, hoping to keep employees paid.

Schmutzler said, “We applied for all the different SBA loans, including payroll protection. Which we had high hopes for and sadly found out he was out of money.”

He also applied for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan, known as an EIDL. He had no luck there either.

The website says they have a lapse in assignments. In addition to that, it reports that the system has had failures.

When speaking with his congressman Ted Deutch, he told him that the plan is to finance those programs again and for this the Chamber, the Senate and the White House have to reach an agreement.

Deutch assured him, "I think we're about to get there and my hope is, as I said, that these negotiations can be concluded and that we can bring this vital lifeline to these companies that need it so, so desperately."

Now they just have to wait for this week and have faith that the new plan is approved in all instances.

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