Many people when they work lose valuable time for various reasons, one of them is to be distracted by the different stimuli of the environment, discover how to organize to avoid this situation.

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keyword is procrastination, many people are unaware of the meaning of this term, but it is precisely what -usually- is done at work. procrastinate according to  "is to postpone or defer tasks, duties and responsibilities for other activities that we find more rewarding but less relevant.

But the real question is what really motivates us to waste time and be inefficient?

The experts like  Jose Miguel Sanchez, motivational speaker, managerial coach and author of the books "The Reset Experience" and "Powerful as a Child", indicate that this situation originates because we are surrounded by multiple stimuli that attract our attention and in a certain way turn us into their "slaves", highlighted

According to Sánchez, we human beings learned -wrongly- that we must pay attention to all these stimuli, which means that it is difficult to decide when we are going to attend to each one of them, so the consequence is that it is hard to concentrate in our actual activity and we become "inefficient" people.

know the signs
The motivational speaker states that at the moment we begin to feel frustrated or annoyed with ourselves or we are sad, it is when we should proceed to carry out a cultural, , because “what you are doing is not working. These emotions are caused precisely by the feeling of not arriving, of not having time to finish what we started and, ultimately, they are the ones behind what leads us to procrastinate, to leave things for tomorrow».

How do I get organized?

For the specialist, the person must connect with the calm and serenity necessary to face a task, doing so increases productivity.

Sánchez points out that “the more difficult a task is, the greater the need to focus on it”. For this reason, he gave a series of tools that help improve tasks and time when working. He asserts that they have worked for him.

All the  time management techniques are:

  • I spend 10 minutes before the start of the day or at the end of the previous one to plan the day, in writing and with a global vision.
  • I schedule my daily activities based on weekly, monthly, or even yearly goals.
  • I build this program around essential issues, the important before the urgent, with rare exceptions.
  • I pay attention to my biorhythms, that is, at the times of the day when I am best, I do those tasks that I like the least and when my performance tends to drop, I dedicate myself to the one I like.
  • I set a couple of achievable goals every day, aligned with the global goals.
  • I divide the tasks into intervals of between 30 to 50 minutes depending on their complexity. Between each interval rest between 5 and 10 minutes.
  • I avoid interruptions. If I'm with important issues, even more so. To do this, I assign specific times for email, phone or whatsapp to avoid seeing them at all hours. An example may be checking email or cell phone in blocks of 2 to 3 times a day.
  • I say "no" to everything that is not now a higher priority than what I am doing.
  • I group related topics together to achieve greater efficiency on important topics.
  • I set deadlines for tasks and except for delivery dates on the same day, if I haven't finished the task in that established time, I move on to the next one.
  • I have a contingency plan for those unforeseen events that will surely happen.

Jose Miguel Sanchez He ends by commenting that it is essential that «Let's not try to multitask. Our brain doesn't work like that."

By following these recommendations you will realize how you stop wasting time at work.

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