La meat shortages began to be noticed this week in supermarkets with empty shelves and in the menu changes of fast food restaurant chains that offer the emblematic Burger.

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The slaughterhouses are operating at less than 70% of its capacity, 20 meatpacking plants have been forced to close in the country and the supply is already beginning to be affected.

supermarkets like Costco and Kroger announced that they will limit to one maximum of three red meat, pork and chicken products per customer to avoid running out of offer.

According to Univision the South Florida butchers say they are concerned .

Supermarkets in the United States show empty shelves of meat, due to the shortage that is beginning to appear.

fast food chain Wendy's removed hamburgers from its menu in some branches of the United States due to the lack of meat. The shortage was generated by the closure of processors, which registered outbreaks of coronavirus, and consequently have affected the industry.

Government reacts

President Donald Trump signed a decree so that companies stay open during the pandemic. The measure protects companies from the closures that were ordered in some states and cities

“Such clauses threaten the proper functioning of the supply chain of meat and poultry, undermining critical infrastructure during a national emergency”, is indicated in the decree signed by the US president.

United States is the country that more meat consumed in the world, in 2017, its 320 million inhabitants ate 124 kilograms of meat on average per capita.

According to data from the union of said sector, at least 22 meat plants, in which approximately 35,000 workers work, They temporarily closed their doors.

Enter the ones that are Tayson and Smithfield Foods, where 5% of the meat consumed in the United States is produced.

In the last week of April, Smithfield Foods released the closure of its fourth processing plant indefinitely due to coronavirus outbreaks.

La with the BBC reported that workerss of the company requested protective equipment from the beginning of the contingency, which did not happen and the workers who were sick were asked to continue working.

Source Infobae/Univision/Telemundo

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