Bitcoin price falls below $42.000

In less than 24 hours, the price of Bitcoin has dropped significantly, reaching less than $42.000 each, as announced by the Binance platform, reported by RT News. 
Today, Tuesday, January 18, the price for Bitcoin is $41.700, just as the market capitalization has fallen by more than 2%, trading at approximately $791.000. In just this year 2022, the cryptocurrency has fallen markedly, when on January 10 it reached $40.000, this being the price it has reached for the first time since last August 2021.

How does a cryptocurrency work?
Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency or also known as cryptocurrency, in addition to being a decentralized payment system, that is, it only has a single administrator. The main idea of ​​this system is to transfer any amount of money through a peer-to-peer network using free software and having free code.
With this cryptocurrency you can pay for products or services in places where they accept it, they can also transfer large sums of money without an intermediary or transaction limits or by amount in them. The money is stored in a wallet or wallet that has a unique Bitcoin address. It is quite similar to a common bank account, however, it is free of bureaucratic procedures.
Those responsible for confirming said transaction operations through "Proofs of Work" are the miners.
Why is there preference with cryptocurrencies? 
According to El Economista, there are 144 million people around the world who use Bitcoin, however, only 10.000 people have 5 million virtual currencies, this is the equivalent of 232 million dollars, as announced by The Wall Street Journal .
The use of the same currency has given people confidence because it is decentralized and anonymous, without tracking transfers or limits, which is why those who frequently carry out operations with this system prefer it to traditional banks.
We recommend that before starting in this world of cryptocurrencies, they seek advice from authorized or certified people, as they could avoid fraud or scams.

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Author: Natasha Palís 10:51 am

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